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"Botched Summer RSD Bootcamp! "

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Instructor(s) for Coaching:
  • Jeffy (Jeff Allen AKA JLaix)
  • Julien Blanc
  • Tyler/TD (Owen Cook)
Date Program Took Place:
August 22, 2013
So, I'm writing this now to let other people know my personal experience with RSD. I'll admit, Julien's Hotseat that I attended with them was pretty badass, but Owen's portion had a mediocre level of explanation that didn't suit me when he was explaining things in a non-technical nebulous manner that my brain didn't grasp.

Prior to attending bootcamp, I started consistently doing Pick Up since the end of March of earlier this year. Because of RSD's good marketing tactics, it drew me into doing their live event. I got everything set up to attend their Bootcamp, but my expectations were let down very severely. They weren't well acquainted with the best areas sarge; basically their logistics weren't tight if you have certain standards about your women.

My background, I studied only a bit of MM back then, read into Swinggcat, and took in mostly RSD's teachings from the beginning of Blueprint, to most of their free content videos. I never cared much for their other products however though. Flawless Natural did not fit well with me, and I never really got into the Jeffy Show all that much. I read Pick Up from many sources like Tony D, Mark Manson, Kezia Noble, Simple Pick Up, etc. You could technically call me the Mixed Martial Artist of Pick Up since I study a little bit of everything, with the exception of NLP in a seduction based format.

I trained very hard, going out almost 5 days every week since March 23, just to sarge prior to RSD Bootcamp in August 22nd, along with 2 other hardcore dedicated Wings, meanwhile you have all these Green Newbies that show up to the RSD Bootcamp totally untrained and not dedicated to the art, with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 guys almost as dedicated as me and my wings.

But now, I would say what helped serve my base of understanding and studying myself (my progression/transformation) is through RSD filters, but I will say looking back on it, their style of game is very messy, considering they don't have good structure to follow, aside from their Bootcamp manual which resembles MM, and it ends up creating all these mental filters to mess your head up which I'll get into later in this post. I'll get the review out of the way first.

1st NIGHT-

I meet Jeffy, Julien and Owen for the first time in person, which only amplifies the hero worship, since I felt their free videos helped me so much, along with Blueprint Decoded. Owen's voice is shot from too much raw public speaking. Jeffy doesn't seem like he's happy to be there. Julien is on his instructor hustle since he's the newest. We attend the free tour prior to Bootcamp and it connects it with Bootcamp; Owen/Tyler finally shows up with his girlfriend after Julien and Jeffy are done talking. Owen goes up to talk about something newbies can't relate much to, which is about 3somes and being able to make it to Vegas, and then condescendingly says that he can't believe that no one has the money to go to Vegas.

He must not know the majority of his client base very well. Pick Up is the broke-man's art. Money isn't needed to do Pick Up. And most of his RSD fan boys are broke, especially the ones on the forum. So no one in the free tour could relate to him talking about Vegas.

That being said, they call all BC students up to the front and we meet with Julien and Jeffy in the lobby to go down outside to introduce ourselves, who we are, our names, why we're there, etc. Owen is still up in the free tour room to talk, he ends up missing the introduction of the Bootcamp students, and Jeffy seems frustrated, especially since it's been said he was called in last minute since the Seattle BC was in high demand.

This was already a bad sign that Owen does not care as much as he comes off his in videos, and that he may just be in this for himself. I thought it was personally unprofessional to not show up to the introduction and get to know us, and work with us right off the bat, but instead work on his free tour speech and video. But having hero worship, I look past it because I expect him to deliver a badass bootcamp to his passionate students.

Before BC started, my wings outside of BC made the regretful mistake of not being grouped with me considering we were on similar levels, but they were afraid we would all get in the way of each other's pulls for the nights out. Instead we suffer worse because all of our other BC wings are so inexperienced that it ends up making the instructors having to tailor different levels of instruction to guys who haven't even gone out and banged the hammers as hard as me and my other 2 wings. It also made it less consistent that every night of the 3 nights, we kept trading instructors too.

So we all go into different groups. I drive Julien and my other 2 wings to Capitol Hill to start. We go to Havana on Thursday, which is Hip Hop night. Julien looks nervous, more so than me, because he looks under pressure to perform to his students, but I saw it as having a fun time. I open, nothing sticks because my subconscious just doesn’t give a fuck for the spam approach method and approaching girls I’m not even really attracted to, it's so crowded, it gets hard to instruct for Julien.

I do a few sets with Julien, and even create the Hub in front of him to show him what I can do, but he doesn't whisper much into my ear. I self amuse as much as possible, but you can only do it for so long and if you don’t do it properly and escalate, you just become a dancing monkey.

At some point during the first night, he tells me my energy is so spread out and un-concentrated in my approach that I need to solidify it and hone the energy, which meant I needed to put my hands behind my back and just open and use my vibe, instead of getting physical too quick, my main Sticking Point at the time. Worked and had this one sexy ass girl sensing my sexual aggression and me sensing hers, the set goes well, but Julien pulls me out, not knowing I never got an official pull from game yet, which would raise your entitlement game instead, which is overall better IMO instead of learning other "lessons" they wanted to teach that would be covered in the free videos anyway.

He made me open girls I'm not even attracted to (which I get, in order to get good at game the way hot girls are good at it, they must be surrounded by guys they game and not even really like just to get them to do things, now imagine that for guys who do PU). As Havana gets too stupid crowded to instruct in, we all end up leaving even though I get to see Julien do verbal game warm ups early in the night. We meet up with Jeffy who is up the street in Unicorn.

Inside Unicorn, Julien tells me to open this fatty I really am not attracted to at all. At all. Then doing all these sets were a blur because the first night of bootcamp was rushed and we actually started at 11pm even though we were supposed to start at 10pm on the dot, which we only did and waited for Owen as we introduced ourselves. I felt like Bootcamp should've officially started at 10pm, meaning we hit in field, instead of briefing, that instead should've been done beforehand.

Most sets are blur to the memory inside Unicorn because nothing stuck, no real instruction was given, no real lesson learned, and later was explained that they wanted to see where our skills were on the first night of BC. Okay, cool.

We end up meeting with Owen and doing street game on Capital Hill and I get to see Julien do okay street game, interacting with a girl earlier that I saw in line that was hot but seemed very dismissive of me but I really wanted to open. They still have me open ugly girls and not giving me instruction, which I felt was the case. Instead it seemed as if they went out to party hard instead of instructing me.

Owen hears me and my wing friend I trained with evaluate our BC in the middle of the street and hearing us talk theory, then he says, "No! Don't talk about theory! You're ruining my STATE!". That moment on, I thought it was bullshit because 1) We're paying him, he's not paying us. 2) Me and my other friends outside of bootcamp talk about theory all the damn time in field and it actually works for us just fine, because we do it in an amusing manner and I see Pick Up as a real art like a martial art or something technical like boxing, you either execute or you can't, there isn't this lovey-dovey new age bullshit that gets in the way of pick up. 3) Even Todd from RSD doesn’t seem to care too much about the concept of “state” and just does Pick Up that looks very very normal but has a lot of technique behind it that makes it very good. Owen ends up emphasizing to me on my bootcamp that I need to focus less on techniques, like dude, that does not help me at all. Technique + the mindset behind them are what I am missing. You are not teaching me what I need to know to attract the hottest of the hot quality women.

I sarge with Owen a bit on the side and see him yelling "Slut! Ewwww!" to girls passing by in the street and he's working to create this party vibe he later tells me about in the 2nd night which I had him instruct me.

We end up finding out everything is dying out. So all of the students regroup and then we debrief at 13 coins, which is a diner, overpriced one at that. I get in the car and drive Julien and my other two Boot Camp wings that I did not know to the diner. During my drive there with Julien, as I was driving he was telling me how in order to get good with women you must develop your vibe and have good emotions all the time that way you don't scare away the girls.

You must have good consistent emotions regardless if you pull or if you don't pull which now I can agree with, however the solid base of what I thought they should've taught me was hidden away in Hotseat which I did get compensated to attend for free since they knew I was disappointed with BC. With Julien’s Hotseat, I felt that was worth some part of the compensation and goodwill on their part to try to balance out my bad bootcamp experience. In my experience, the way Julien was teaching Hotseat on his end should have been taught at the level of technical expertise as in field when teaching me. However, he lacked this raw technicality in teaching me this in field the way he should have done.

I am a little agitated and disappointed with my expectations and at them in the field, and he can feel it and says to me, no matter what happens, it shouldn’t make your mood bad and that you need to control it and be cool. You need to always feel good to pull girls in. He says to me he has been laid so much that at this point, he doesn’t even care if he never gets laid again in his life. Good for him. That still doesn’t change my paradigm. Though I get where he’s coming from and can appreciate it.

We end up sitting there debriefing while eating with each student and then Julien starts talking to me and telling me what I need to work on as far as things I learned for the night, 3 good things, and 3 bad things. I thought Julien was a much better teacher at debrief and breaking down what we need to work on and how to work on it versus his in field teaching skills when we’re out on the street or in a venue. He’s a not so great teacher in field. His approach is very messy, because he’s already reinforced in his mind that pick up is “messy”.

In my observations of other teachers and other gamers, I’ve seen things executed so clean and it doesn’t have to be messy. Especially JT Tran’s Bootcamp I had witnessed a week prior to attending my RSD Bootcamp and how clean cut and effective his program was for his students. I’ll get into more detail about that later at the end of this post.

At some point during debrief, Owen starts talking about my other wing outside of bootcamp and grouping us together because he thinks we have Asperger’s (which we later find out he thinks we have because he thinks we exhibit symptoms of low level autism) and that we share all these similar thoughts to each other. Which is bullshit. Owen starts asking me about sex in a weird and creepy random manner that seems attemptive to dissect my brain and psychoanalyze me which only made me feel alienated. I later found out he was trying to dissect my wing/friend too in a weird manner to the point that during debrief, he was only focusing mostly on my friend and ignoring other students.

Who I thought and felt Owen was on his free videos and who he was in real life was so off point and unsimilar that it felt disappointing to me. This was later partly cured on my 2nd night where his better self-shown and he seemed to be actually teaching me on my 2nd night because it was the night where I had him as my main instructor. This is where the more awesome Owen made his appearance and he didn’t disappoint me until we left Belltown and got to Capital Hill.

2nd NIGHT-
I’m going off from memory on my second night. I meet my other BC peers at the hotel RSD conducted the free tour at and pick up my BC designated wings and head to Belltown, got there late because they started bootcamp late on the 2nd night too, parking was packed and shitty in Belltown as well.

As I’m still finding parking after dropping my wings off to go meet Owen, I get a phone call from him asking where I am. I let him know I am trying hard to find parking.

I eventually do and meet up many blocks down to where the street filled with venues are. This is where Owen shines doing street sets first by himself, then with his girlfriend, which I felt he was relying a little too much on to get 3 some make outs, which I could care less for. I wanted to watch him game solo and learn from that.

He tells me not to do much on my 2nd night and instead just mostly watch him. He tears it up, saying wacky ass things to girls, acting wacky, making the party vibe crazy. He tries to get me to tap into the party vibe, which I do on bootcamp and particularly after bootcamp weeks later. But I already knew how to tap into this, I just didn’t know how to structure the pull with it, which is what he wasn’t teaching me and felt I was lacking in the program.

After watching enough free content video, I knew how to tap into that full confident, party state, but when it came to pulling, I was not confident and didn’t know how to do it, which is what they needed to teach me but I felt like they didn’t. This is where I feel like he doesn’t tailor the teachings to specific individuals and tailors it instead across a wide spectrum of students with vast different experiences levels. Especially since my other two wings are super green/new in comparison to the level of action and experience I have taken and have.

I do a huge massive bachelor party set with one of the wings and this mediocre looking half Asian lady with glasses likes me a lot even though she’s married. Being horny now, I still would have fucked her but she’s nothing to write home about to at all.

We go up and down Belltown’s main strip and Owen does a lot of sets going full blown wacky and escalating, but a part of me is that I’m just not caring too much about it since it relies heavily on a lot of momentum and state, instead of technique and minimalist game. It’s impressive in one aspect because it’s so out of the usual norm of reality that he’s able to push what he does, but it takes a massive load of energy to perform these feats, particularly for me, even though I love being wacky and party vibing it up myself. Basically this form of game is like Goku doing his Kaio-Ken attack in DBZ, it’s not efficient and burns up too much energy in the long run.

I end up enjoying this portion of bootcamp because it’s like partying, but looking at it in an objective manner, I did not get one make out or close to pulling on this bootcamp at all, which is very, very disappointing. Jeffy’s philosophy of getting students laid on bootcamp was there, but it collided with Julien and Owen’s philosophy of them rather you not getting laid and learning more lessons vs getting laid to build your entitlement and vibe (which I think the latter is more important than the former, because you can learn as many lessons as possible, but confidence comes with getting laid and trusting in yourself and knowing you can do it from doing it, and let’s you know you can accomplish things, versus someone else telling you what lessons you need to learn to get them in the first place, a paradox that is fucked up and retarded and really needs to be re-examined).

We eventually kill the street game but for some reason we don’t go into Amber’s when we should have since that was always a good place to game. During our street game, he amps himself up and amps us up by saying to couples “Take her home! Take her home!” and “You walk by and you’re not gonna even say hi?! I see how it is!” in a joking way to create the party vibe and troll.

On our way to my car, Owen does a lot of street game to keep up his state and momentum and he runs by a venue and does a set there, then after calling a girl a slut playfully, a white knight steps in. Owen tears him open a new one and AMOGS the hell out of him so badly, he ends up running back into the venue like he’s going to cry. The bootcamp assistant ends up getting it on camera and Owen ends up explaining how White Knights like that guy are the reason why he was bullied so much in school and so socially conditioned, and damaged Owen’s self esteem to where he had to go into self help to create Blueprint Decoded, and ended up helping everyone else on his personal journey.

After AMOGing the White Knight, we end up at my car and drive to Capital Hill, and on the way Owen is still sarging on girls in the street and going for 3 way make outs with him, his girlfriend and random single sets. This is not the best night for parking at all. While in the car, Owen starts talking about how in the past he was bullied a lot and how he had to overcome things and then from my memory he starts to relate it to us, how he wants to truly help people that want to be helped and that’s why he got into self-development.

We get to Capital Hill, and I let others out the car while I try to figure out where to pay for parking. I then meet up with Owen and the other Bootcamp group/instructors and we start doing street game. Some sets stick, but at this point, I am just tired of doing approaches in a spam like manner and instead am thinking about sniping to game efficiently. The girls were all 6s and below.

One set from Australia or London were wearing white and I approached them with a wing as Owen instructed, but later we were threatened via body language because their brother/boyfriend were there, Owen sees this then starts amogging us and amogging them. He gets one of the guys to be amogged by getting his bootcamp assistant girlfriend to start body positioning herself like as if she had a strap on and was going to fuck the guy in the ass as Owen is creating the fun party vibe to tool everyone as much as he can while having fun.

I’m so drained from energy from doing senseless approaches that it doesn’t even matter anymore and the level of instruction is just far from ideal. Owen then begins to approach some young looking blond, making her cry then coming back to us saying something about how that girl has never felt such a strong masculine presence, which is why she cried.

We end up going to 13 coins for the 2nd time for debrief and Owen and my two other BC designated wings end up waiting at the waiting seats thinking we needed to sit there to wait to be seated. During this time, I talk to Owen about Swinggcat and how Owen knows Swinggcat in person and hangs out with him all the time. Then he starts to tell me about how to use prizability since I kept mentioning Swinggcat and that he was already using it out in field, like saying to the girl “Ewww!” which is basically saying you’re above them and that they’re nasty. So now Owen wants me to be a natural and use technique though earlier he only said he was testing out Julien’s material and he was implying he was only doing natural game.

My thoughts on this are, I don’t care if you label your company natural game or if you use someone else’s line (which I caught Owen using Swinggcat’s “I’m not just a sausage with feet” line on his Hotseat footage, though this is no surprise, considering I know they borrowed Vacuum method from Wayne Elise), but if you’re going to do a bunch of techniques like you show on your videos but calling them something else, but refusing to teach me the techniques in order to use them in sets, when I paid $2000 for Bootcamp in which I want to be taught these things, then we have an issue. Then the whole theme of the bootcamp became for me that I needed to be “socially calibrated” and have a good player vibe all the time before I can use any technique.

I personally think this is a cop out because 1) If you have good enough technique, you will get laid regardless, just like how old Mystery Method got guys laid back then even when things were very routine based. 2) Once you get laid, you automatically get that sexy player vibe that pulls women in anyway, and makes your entitlement game with you knowing you can pull be a part of your reality much more versus just spam approaching and not knowing how to pull.

3) That makes it so they can be lazy on bootcamp and avoid teaching me anything and just telling me to have a good vibe and being myself to get laid. First, I can and always was being myself, who myself or who I am, is that I am a technique based, instruction, process oriented person, who follows steps if they are logical to accomplish certain things. So when you tell me to just be a wacky person and do spam approaches that get nowhere, that is not who I am at all. This is where we have a big problem. A big, big problem. Because you’re essentially forcing me to be a dancing monkey who always has to burn a lot of energy just to have a party vibe and to not be selective about who I open, aka SPAM APPROACHING which shows that I have no standards, which is retarded.

I know this didn’t work because I tried to fully buy into his concept of the vibe and I just don’t have it in me to pull it off because it’s so esoteric and nebulous. I don’t have a frame of reference in order to utilize it after getting laid because I haven’t been laid using it once. I tried to use it a month and a half even after bootcamp and I just felt like a damn dancing monkey, which was terrible. Add onto the fact that they claim you can get it by going out enough, if that’s the case, why DO I NEED TO PAY 2K just to be told that when I can get it already by myself. Why do I need them around to tell me that?

It’s even worse because when I ask for deeper or further instruction, I just get told by Owen to watch how naturals do it and study them. I already KNOW THIS. I was already talking to my strip club bouncer friend who already told me this and I was around him for a bit to study him and his mindsets too. However, it doesn’t help if you don’t hang with them consistently, it takes a lot longer to get it down even by observation. However, if you have a real good teacher, like Asian Playboy aka JT Tran, who I saw a week earlier prior to my RSD Bootcamp, I saw his students making out with hotter girls in the hottest Seattle club aka Aston Manor, then you could have better results.

What I took from this is that JT DID his RESEARCH and knew where to go (like Bellevue Mall for day game) instead of like Owen who redirected my question on the first night (telling me it doesn’t matter, and then asking me if I have Aspergers because I asked basic questions. I do have the right to know logistics, considering I dropped 2K for it for his services) when I asked him where are we going and who do we have as instructors the first night.

Debrief is coming to an end as we all finish our meals and we just jabber on about natural game and ideas of how to become natural. But it’s like, dude, I feel like Owen only became a natural because he eased himself in through routine based game and the Mystery Method. Had I known the reality of all this, I would have signed up for Love Systems and or Venusian Arts or even JT Tran Bootcamp.

3rd NIGHT-

The third and final night is my night with Jeffy after getting compensated via Hotseat and its first screening with Tyler on Saturday, and Julien’s Hotseat Bonus the next day on Sunday, since they knew I was unhappy with my bootcamp experience. I felt like they threw this in to help me and to stop me from getting my refund. But honestly I would’ve been just as happy to pay for the Hotseat separately and get the refund for my Bootcamp.

That being said, I get driven up by my bootcamp assistant in the car with Jeffy and my other two designated BC wings. This means I left my car behind near the hotel where they did Free Tour and as I’m in the other car, Jeffy texts me and my wings routine lines, which I feel are pretty awesome but since I haven’t gotten to practicing them enough, I either don’t say them correctly or I forget them, having no time to practice. I think I probably should’ve been given these lines much earlier on in BC.

We arrive at Capital Hill Hipster neighborhood, again. This seems to be their favorite sarging spot, and it seems to be their default go-to that also encourages a trashy lifestyle among the women there who look busted and unkempt. Hotseat ends late, so when I get there with Jeffy and crew, we do a bit of street game.

We head into Cha Cha’s, then the place gets dead with terrible ratio of guys to girls. I do a few sets, not much sticks. I’m tired at this point from gaming so inefficiently by spam approaching. Jeffy yells some stuff to me in field but I can’t make out what he’s saying. I lose state and become a bit emo, then Jeffy yells to me “Fuck you nigger!” and says something akin to me that conveys that I should stop feeling sorry for myself. I ended up laughing because I wasn’t sure how to respond to something so ludicrous.

At some point during my final night of bootcamp, before I go into neighbors, there is nothing but trashy targets to sarge on, which pisses me off even more. The lack of instruction I feel like I’m getting from this bootcamp makes me angry and I end up shadow boxing in the middle of the street and I end up hitting a tree with staples on it for stapling posters and my hand gets bloody. Jeffy tells me to calm the fuck down and that I’m even scaring him since I had kicked a building wall on the street. He tells me he used to have a lot more anger issues then me, and that I need to calm down and that it scares the girls away and it’s not attractive.

At this point, it does not matter. This Bootcamp has been officially botched. The target selection is poor due to their bad logistics and the lack of teaching technique and structure is subpar. This is where I realize Owen is a very disorganized person, especially showing up late on the first day to Bootcamp when Jeffy, Julien and the students (including me) were all waiting for him outside the apartment to brief before the first night begins.

This brought me to the conclusion also that since Mystery Method and Routine/Structured game is organized in its nature, this is what made Owen switch from Routine-Structured game over to crazy, wacky, natural game that means going crazy in field. If you look at the way Todd does his game, you can tell its structured, calm and borrows a lot from Mystery Method still, and he doesn’t depend on this concept of always having to feel good just to be able to game.

I go to the cops to get bandages since cops are patrolling the neighborhood to control the rowdiness. I go up to this one girl to open her with my hand still in bandages and she gets interested, some of her guy friends walk up to me and seem unsure of me, and one guy tries to AMOG me until he sees my hand in bandages and knows I am not to be fucked with, especially since I gave off the Aura of being very angry already with my Bootcamp. We sit there and talk a bit and I talk to their crew but I only wanted to build attraction for the girl, but she ends up losing interest since my energy can’t be directed on her anymore because of those other motherfuckers around.

The main lesson I learned here is that one should never be a pussy even if her guy friends are around and if they want to start shit, so be it, beat the living fuck out of them if they want to beef even though they aren’t fucking her and aren’t her man. That being said, Jeffy comes to retrieve because he senses my anger building and that I’m in a mode where I don’t give a fuck and I might just beat this other AMOGGer’s ass.

Jeffy pays for my cover since I’m nearly dead broke now, to go inside a gay friendly club named Neighbor’s. I open a set inside, nothing sticks after I make my intent too clear and it scares the girl’s friend, even though they’re dancing with some chode already.

We end up at Neighbor’s, and then the rest is history. We go to debrief at 13 Coins on the final night, and we just end up debriefing for so long, Owen leaves early, leaving Jeffy and Julien to finish what ever is left over from this botched Bootcamp. Everyone looks tired, unhappy, unsatisfied and felt this may have just been a waste of time. Even two other students had requested refunds. Only one was brave enough to speak up for it, then someone else had followed his suit as well and asked for it.

Only then did the other student later revealed to me that Julien ended up compensating him by giving him 1 on 1 private instruction on the street game during nighttime when Tyler’s Hotseat took place.

Out of all this, I felt like Owen shined his best to teach me and do well for me on my second night of Bootcamp while we were running up and down Belltown to do street game. But other than that, the bootcamp felt pretty generic. Even their bootcamp notes I was sent I found out later was copied and pasted according to different students’ sticking points. Then Julien sent a generic copy and paste instructions for what to do after Bootcamp as well.

And Owen didn’t send anything. Well, he did call me and yell at me for posting what he deemed to be a negative review on his RSDNation forum, which he ended up deleting. I’ll admit, it probably was pretty negative, but when you deliver a subpar service or product, expect bad reviews, whether they get posted on your website or someone else’s.

He ended telling me on the phone that I lack social calibration because he already prior promised me to write material to help me with my sticking points post bootcamp, and yelled at me because I wrote a bad review that made it seem that I was ungrateful. The point he made was that “what’s the point in helping me if I was just going to shoot him down”.

He made it out to be as if what he was going to post on the forum was a huge long post that I could follow and get something out of that program that could be what I was looking for to get laid. Instead he makes a short post on the forum and making a video partly dedicated to me, but I found it only helped me a bit. It was NOT what I was looking in terms of being taught certain material.

Then he said that one of the other bootcamp students that did get a refund weren’t going to get laid because he lacked social calibration and that no matter what Pick Up company he was going to go with, he’ll never get laid doing what he is doing now. Then Owen said that I was good because I didn’t get a refund, which meant I could go to World Summit for free and that I will get laid. Honestly, I could care very much less about World Summit. Sarging in Vegas is not very accurate to how one would Sarge in Seattle. Girls go there to get laid and are more open about it since it’s their vacation and they feel they can be whoever they want to be versus Seattle that has an uptight culture or a whatever you want to call it since they’re not as free being in their home city.

This is where I sensed an older version of Owen that Neil Strauss made him out to be in the book, The Game. Someone who comes across as trying to con people and is highly manipulative with what they say and do. To be honest, I felt it the first moment he redirected my first question, then asked if I have Asperger’s. I was just high on Hero Worship and gave myself a blind spot to give him the benefit of the doubt, considering I loved this guy so much on his free videos and Blueprint Decoded, and who I thought he was as a person.

He has a very strong frame to AMOG anyone and has the ability to re-frame a lot of things to get you to think things the way he needs you to think things so you won’t ask for a refund. That’s my take on it at least. In my dealings with Owen, it’s like dealing with 2 different personalities. The cool guy who wanted to really help you be a better person, bettering your life and get you laid from Blueprint Decoded, and the Manipulative Conman from Neil Strauss’ book The Game, who wants to rip you off, have his own cult following, re-frames a lot of things, thinking tactically to get what he needs from you, then leaving you dry. It’s too inconsistent.

Post BC-

After Bootcamp, my sarging was never the same for some time because of the level of disappointment me and my wings experienced that shook our psyches in a bad way. No one at Bootcamp seemed even happy. My passion for the game had sunken so low because of the disappointment that now after many months it finally cured itself. My passion that I used to have back then for the game that was very very raw in nature had finally overshadowed the sadness and depression the disappointment my heroes gave to me. And to reach greatness, there is no longer dependence on one figure or someone that I make out to be a hero in my mind to teach me the way I wanted to be taught.

I am now just rekindling my fire for the art and not tying it to the depression and frustration that I felt I had experienced during the RSD boot camp in the summer in Seattle. At first, my fire had to die down because it was too tied to a long term mission that I felt that I could accomplish and that I was getting the necessary cavalry to assist me with my mission to become good at PU, but I see now that the cavalry sucked in comparison to my expectations.

It hurt me very badly inside. I felt like I was a hardcore boxer training for a fight, only to lose the fight because I hired a bad trainer who didn't even assist me well enough at my side during the actual fight. Another analogy is you being a race car driver, then thinking that you hired a well known excellent pit stop crew that was really good, but during the needed pit stop, your crew fails to make your race car run well and you end up losing the damn race. Then losing the race or losing the fight haunts you so badly because you had trained so damn hard for it, you put in so much of your time, your love, your dedication and passion, only to have people who thought could give you the super boost you needed, end up failing you, and you just sucking.

At the end of the day I did feel like Owen did try to help me so too did Julien and Jeffey, however I just thought the way they ran the program was very disorganized. I sensed/perceived there was a split in intention and in mindset of the instructors/Owen that existed between helping the students and at the same time not giving them the full rundown of pick up theory and implementation of the theory infield required to get the pull all the way. There are many elements of their game missing from explanation to the students, and that is more "pie in the sky"/nebulous by nature to which they present to you in their videos to label it natural game. I know Owen has tried to fix this recently by giving you exercises at the end of the video. They do help, but man, to charge students 2 grand for Boot then have it be this disappointing, unacceptable.

I believe in the arguments for natural game if you deeply understand the principles but in order to deeply understand and apply those principles you must understand the theory of structured game first and run with structured game, or at least dissect the content of structured game in order to build up your natural game. Otherwise if you're not the creative type or haven't learned to be the creative type your natural game will suffer surely.

Basically they're saying that what they're teaching is natural game and in a way it is because it's covering the principles of why something works but the principles are not as in-depth when they're trying to teach you live in person as opposed to learning structure game and structured theory. Which gives you a more of a solidified rundown of how to implement that theory infield that I see other instructors doing outside of RSD.

From what I see of Rob Judge and Zach Bauer, they are the more refined and less messy version of RSD so if you're going to do more cleaner natural game you should either go with them or do a boot camp with Jeffy alone or do a boot camp with Alex and Todd who seem to be very technique based oriented and or seem to be less messy in field for how they instruct students according to 2nd hand accounts from people and how I see in their free videos when they do Bootcamp.

If I was to ever be taught again I would only except Mystery, Rob Judge, an excellent teacher or someone that really really cares about my well-being in order for me to even pay him over $1000. A week prior to doing Boot Camp with RSD, I had met JT ran inside the Aston Manor club in Seattle and he subtly convinced me that RSD Boot Camp was not worth it but he wanted to be professional about it which I understood. Though during that night he ended up helping me for free. On top of that I saw his students with way hotter women than anything on my boot camp with RSD. Add to the fact that his Boot Camp was $500 cheaper and was a higher-quality than RSD's, even when I saw his game plan for teaching students that he laid out.

And I felt that RSD Boot Camp was very very disorganized and the curriculum was not as brushed up as it should've been and their method of teaching was very messy.

Even now rethinking the boot camp during the summer in my mind it makes me very aggravated but yet it is anchored to my passion for wanting to develop my game to a highly skilled level. This is the passion that I was lacking after Boot Camp and I had let it go and it made me very very lazy afterward because I didn't want to deal with disappointment again being felt that I was letdown. But this time I truly know that I can only let myself down if I don't take full responsibility for my own skill set, instead of putting in another person's hands but clearly wasn't set out to improve my life but instead just collect a paycheck.

I vow to myself that after I get good at this game after being in it for 3 to 5 years and when I start training my own students I will not let any of my students down but they have to promise me that they will work just as hard as me to make it happen.

After watching blueprint decoded I felt like Owen was someone to look up to and in a sense in a way he still is but just seeing his lack of instruction in field compared to the way I pictured in it in my head and what I saw by comparison in his Free tour videos of seeing him instruct other students was very lacking to what he delivered in real life to me. The only time I thought he was really teaching me or trying to help me was during debrief and on my second day BC with him when I had him for that night.

But I felt on my second night of BC with him it was very generalized advice even though I saw that it didn't appear as technique based like I thought it was, only at first though. But the techniques he did deliver were built off principles but weren't deeply ingrained in me like they should've been and even then, if you don't escalate with the "fun" vibe you won't get laid, you'll just be a dancing monkey, something he fails to mention during BC.

Even after talking to a different non-RSD PUA instructor, we found out that even he said when there is a large volume of students, the company of instructors usually care more about getting paid and the money instead of offering high quality coaching. My botched Bootcamp evidenced this.

So in short; there was good and bad, but it was mostly bad and I am being as objective about this review as I possibly can for anyone else who wants to decide to take a Bootcamp with Owen, Tyler and or Julien or all 3 of them at once.

What else, I suggest readers read Distant Light Social Life Hacking, End Game by Lo-Gun, and anything else that helps your passive game, which means it helps craft who you are as a person and develops more of a lifestyle based game where you don’t game as much and don’t think of it as game and you attract women more naturally because of who you are, how you are and what you do.

Even Badboy’s idea of Direct Natural Attraction game is based off of this as well, and to not think of it as game and to just talk to women as if it’s natural and that it’s part of your life, and to create social circles out of it to run social circle game.

I think Owen’s company is trying to go this route, however, Eben Pagen, Mark Manson, Roosh V, and a few others are already ahead of him, and since he’s doing split projects, I don’t think his focus on instruction is as clear, powerful and consistent as it used to be, hence why he might do one bootcamp in one city and it might suck, much like mine did, then he’ll go do another bootcamp in another city and have a bunch of students get laid and it’ll be a great bootcamp for them.

That being said; be careful about what you sign up for and only sign up once you see all sides of an angle, and never ever be afraid to ask for a refund if ANYTHING is subpar below your standards or ideals. Never let hero-worshipping get in the way of your time, energy and money.

This was a long Bootcamp review, enjoy it, and take what you can from it. I’m out. Peace.
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