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"All the Information is the Same"

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The Good
-The information is very engaging. -The video quality is a lot better then the magnum opus. -Mystery and Matador preach the knowledge really well and they give more examples and tips than they did in the magnum opus. -Mystery and Matador give good personal infield stories.
The Bad
-All the information is the same so if you have the Magnum Opus its kind of pointless to get this because there is no new information. There is nothing new which I found to be disappointing. But I find it to be a trend. -There is no infield footage. -Seriously Lovedrop isn't believable at all. No offense but he seriously seems like a big nerd that knows the information. When you watch this it seems like he tries to hard to be cool. (wearing his dark shades inside) The only word that comes to mind when he talks and acts and when viewing his body language is "Nerd" and I was getting annoyed with how he always says "Mystery does", "When infield Mystery usually", "Something mystery will say is", "Mystery's response in this situation is"....Seriously can he speak for himself? What would you do?...We know what mystery will do because he already spoke for himself just like Matador spoke for himself. I'm sure he is a decent pickup artist but I think he is better behind the scenes than teaching. (I know Im not the only one that feels like this about Lovedrop after watching this. If you watched this I know its clear to you what I'm saying)
The product is probably one of there better ones that they came out with but there is no new information. They just present the same old material in a better way. Matador and Mystery are Great...... and Lovedrop...a joke. So should you buy it? you want to waste money yes.

Originally posted on the Venusian Arts Forums. Reproduced with permission.
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