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The Girlfriend Activation System

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"Very Solid. Deep Advice on What it Takes to Get Quality Girlfriends."


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Angel Donovan
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The Good: Solid program to get you a long term stable girlfriend, mature advice, with hard hitting 'truths' and no sleaze factor.
The Bad: Very little bad to highlight. A minor issue is that there are some slightly confusing parts with references made to techniques covered in other products and without a full explanation.
The Bottom Line: Excellent program to help men with experience meeting and dating women to get a long term stable girlfriend that they are satisfied with.

We've given this program our Editor's Choice award for best getting a girlfriend program for its effectiveness at getting the job done. You want a girlfriend, this is the best program we've found to date to get you that and make it last.

Note: If you don't yet have any experience meeting and dating women you will need to improve your basic meeting women skills before you can use this program effectively. Check out the top courses from our beginners ranking to help you with that.


It looks like 2013 is shaping up to be the year when we start seeing more courses on helping men get stable relationships with girlfriends.

This has long been a big gap in the courses available, and in Dating Skills Review's recommendations. To date we simply hadn't found a 'how to get a quality girlfriend' course that we felt we could recommend to you in our Editor's Choice section although we get asked all the time about it.

So we're really happy to see this trend. The Social Man were first to bring out a course with The Girlfriend Activation System, which is a video recording of their seminar of the same name in New York in 2012.

You may have heard this course referred to as "Girlfriend Activation System" or GFAS for short or just "Girlfriend System". They're all the same course.

The course is led by Christian Hudson who features in all the modules except module 4, which Nick Sparks takes the leads on to discuss "Fear and Approaching".

In this review, let's start with the what you may not expect from this course...

Tough Truths and Hard Work: Are You Ready?
The truth is that getting a high quality girlfriend, and keeping her in a stable long term relationship that is satisfactory for you both is the hardest part of dating.

You've seen how high the divorce rate is, right? While a good girlfriend relationship isn't marriage... when it works, it has a lot of the same ingredients and requirements.

In comparison it's relatively easy to meet girls in clubs for one night stands, or to create a little harem of friends with benefits.

Getting a high quality girlfriend into a committed relationship, and one where you're going to be happy with her, and her with you, for the longer term - requires hard work.

This is a message that Christian Hudson doesn't back away from. In fact it's delivered in the first two modules of the course to set the tone for what you are aiming for and what it takes to succeed. He covers the many aspects of inner game, growth and how you look at relationships and your life that feed into this.

And he makes all these tough truths more tangible - easier to relate to - by describing his own journey with girlfriends and relationships, where they failed, where he failed, what he learned with each.

It was great to see this - often in the world of dating training you'll be told it's easier than it is, so that you aren't frightened away. So, Christian has, by standing up and giving you the hard truth - done the whole dating community a great service. The Girlfriend System Screenshot

The Process of Meeting a Girl, to Dates, to Girlfriend
The first two modules of this course stay pretty inner game focused and very little on implementation details or the process of getting a girlfriend are revealed - it's pre-work and preparation.

But from module 3 to 6 it gets a lot more focused on the details and the process.

Christian talks about a specific process from meeting (how, where and why) to the dates, to the process of becoming girlfriend and boyfriend after sleeping together. The process is designed specifically for getting a girlfriend and differs from how you approach more casual relationships.

This timeline will be extremely helpful for men who haven't been through the girlfriend journey often - as he also points out the specific slip ups men make in this process. While he gives them "amusing categorizations" relating to dogs, his observations do hold very true to the reality. This makes it easy to see where you've been going wrong in an entertaining way.

At the end of the day, the fact that a timeline and process is given to you is important. It is something simple to learn, but something I haven't seen mapped out before. It makes the process from meet to girlfriend very clear and you won't have an excuse for not knowing where you are at and what the next step is.

In addition, in Module 5 Christian hits out at some myths that have been popularized by the pickup artist and seduction communities primarily about getting girlfriends - thumbs up to all of these, well said.

Quality Men and Quality Women
Another strong point to this course is Christian's discussion of how quality women behave, how they are different, and importantly what attracts them.

While you may have heard many of the points in this discussion if you've already studied a fair amount of advice, what's really useful is that he is focused on the things that matter the most for making the type of impression needed to get in the 'relationship zone' and stay there.

He also cuts down some more myths about how easily women can be manipulated and how quality women in particular are more immune to certain types of dating tactics that have been popularized.

To be clear, this discussion of quality women focuses on women with strong personalities and other qualities valuable in long term relationships, not just good looks. This is important because women of this type of mental calibre, while not everyone's choice, are more stable and there's less drama attached to them. These type of women are more appropriate for longer term relationships - and girlfriends. This is something you should consider when thinking if this course is right for you - are these the types of women you aspire to?

Part of this discussion goes into relationships between men, respect, leadership and how important it is to be perceived as a quality man in social environments (not just with the girl you are interested in) for a successful relationship. The value here is how Christian connects this to the success of your relationship with your girlfriend. All good, thoughtful stuff that you need to be aware of. The Girlfriend System Screenshot

The Important Details of Your Life and Dates
A nice point of this course are some of the details that Christian Hudson goes into in the 5th and 6th modules. These cover specifics about your apartment, your social life, how you organize your dates with women, specific dates and situations to avoid, and so on.

Some of what he talks about may seem like tiny details, but I guarantee you that A) most guys don't think about these things and B) they are important.

These are the sort of details that go unnoticed by most men, and most responsible for leading them to confusion when a date doesn't go well with a girl or the dynamic between you and a girl goes well at first and then dies off. What went wrong? Why did she start losing interest? Why did she back out when things were going so well? These details add a tangible and clear side to the higher level advice from the first two modules to be able to figure these situations out better.

Is this Course a Good Fit for You?
This is a course with a lot of deep and mature advice given which is best for men looking at longer term goals in their life - thus the long term and quality girlfriend focus.

A negative while viewing this course is that in several places Christian Hudson and Nick Sparks refer to ideas, content and training from their other courses without explaining it in a lot of detail. This can make it a bit harder to follow the parts of the course where this happens.

These include concepts from Unbreakable, Fearless and How2TxtHer.

If this happens to you, I'd post some questions in the private community you get access to with the course - that should give you any answers you need for clarification.

The important point here though is this: You are expected to already have a reasonable handle on approaching and meeting girls. While these subjects are covered to give you some specific advice of how to modify your approach to getting a girlfriend, they are not recovered in depth.

I don't think you have to have studied those particular courses to get the benefits of this course, but you should have studied some good material on approaching and meeting girls, and experienced some success with it.

If you don't already have some successful dating experiences then this course isn't right for you. You have to do your foundational work first, before you can reach up to work on getting a solid girlfriend relationship and building that. If this is you, check out our Beginner's top ranked courses for a better place to start.

If you have already got some experience under your belt and have done the work on approaching and basic attraction skills - then you're ready for this. You're what we'd call 'intermediate' level.

Having said that? Is getting a long term stable girlfriend what you want? Because this course has that one sole purpose in mind. It's not for casual dating, picking up girls for one night stands or short term 3 month dating relationships. Or for getting lower quality girlfriends. It's for finding a serious quality girlfriend - for reaching up and pushing your boundaries and ambitions in this area - and that requires effort. If you are not looking for this, you may be disappointed.

If a serious quality girlfriend is what you are looking for, it's the right fit.

The Bonuses, The Members Community and The Group Coaching Calls
I haven't yet read all the bonuses with this course - there are a lot of them to go through including ebooks and audios. I'll update the review once I've been through them.

It's worth adding that the course has community interaction with it. You can comment and ask questions on each of the modules, and you can also access a private member's forum to discuss and ask questions. To be clear these member forums are only accessible to customers of The Social Man (whether it be via this course or another of their courses). As of September 2013 when I reviewed this product there were around 2000 posts in these forums - so it's pretty active.

With the 6 modules of the girlfriend activation system there was originally going to be a group coaching call with Christian Hudson set up for once a week, however this has now changed. While you can download the first of those coaching calls that took place in 2012 on "The Obsession Story", it's the only one.

The Social Man will shortly be adding the content that was scheduled for those calls into the main system. We'll update this review when that has happened - probably end October 2013.

As it stands, the first coaching call on "The Obsession Story" has audio quality that is 'rough', making it harder to listen to (Christian apologizes for this and says it will be fixed with the upcoming version).

I found that most of the material in this call was simply a repeat of the material from the GFAS modules with a few more details here and there, or different ways of looking at it. It doesn't add much value and not listening to it wouldn't make any difference for you in my opinion. The Girlfriend System Screenshot 

The Bottom Line
This is the best course we have found to date for finding, dating and evolving a relationship with a girl into a long term stable relationship. It's a great course for getting a quality girlfriend.

It requires hard work and effort to get the results from this course. That is one of the hard truths of this course, it tells it like it is without any empty promises.

Importantly though it gives you a clear plan to take yourself to the end goal of a successful long term relationship with a girl you like, and it helps you with the details along the way. Excellent course. Double thumbs up.

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Product Information

The Girlfriend Activation System (or "The Girlfriend System") is designed to help you create genuine relationships with women and get a long term girlfriend.

It is for men who are looking for an authentic relationship with one girlfriend that they are interested in, and takes you through the whole process of meeting to dating to girlfriend. It also covers longer term topics related to keeping a girlfriend once you have her and ensuring that the relationship is a healthy fulfilling one.

This program was created by Christian Hudson from the original NYC seminar that took place in 2012 on the subject. It is based on his experiences over the last 10 years in relationships and in particular finding that one quality girlfriend you can be satisfied with in a healthy relationship.

Christian has designed the product to fit his ideas of healthy relationships, which goes against some of the 'Pickup Artist' advice that Christian originally learned himself and taught at the beginning of his dating career. From this respect the program supports the different goals and mission statement of "The Social Man" who have increasingly distanced themselves from their Pickup Artist community roots to focus on helping men to become better and more social men and develop their dating lives that way.

This program comes with a 14 day trial of The Ten Code - if you stay on the Ten Code program you will be charged monthly. See here for details.

Dating Skillset:
Relationship Skills
Dating Company:
The Social Man
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Dating Coach/ Author:
Christian HudsonNick Sparks

Learning Format:
Online Video•Download (Audio)•Download (Video)
Price: $67.00
Release Date:
June 27, 2012
Hot Topic Tags:
Getting a Girlfriend

Did we miss any relevant features of this course? Tell us what we missed or tell us about price changes.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Main 6 Modules:
- Part 1: Being the Obvious Choice
- Part 2: A Relationship Ready-Mind
- Part 3: Unforgettable First Impressions
- Part 4: Fearless Approaching
- Part 5: Dating to Sex
- Part 6: Sex to Girlfriend
- Group Coaching Call: The Obsession Story

Bonus Programs:
- Holiday Hookups
- Friends into Lovers
- When you feel like you're not good enough for her
- Sexual texting
- The social matrix
- Complete confidence hypnosis
- The frame control bible
- The model challenge screen
- Endless conversations
- The ten spot
- The breathtaking hello
- Everything on opening

What You Get:

1.)The GFAS Seminar – The closed-door seminar where the secrets of the Girlfriend Activation System are revealed.
2.) FULL AUDIO DOWNLOADS – Full MP3 version of the Girlfriend Activation System seminar.
3.) Lifetime Community Access – Access to The Social Man Members Community - a private social network of friends, wingmen, and social connectors.
4.) ADDITIONAL BONUSES – Model Challenge Screen, The Ten Spot and other ebooks and audios as listed in table of contents.
5.) THE TEN CODE (14-Day Free Trial) – Trial access to The Ten Code, the 12-month course that reveals the secret code of men who are "tens". Note - billed $67 a month until cancellation.

Guarantee / Terms:

365 day money back guarantee

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