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The Girlfriend Activation System
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"Some good new ideas mixed in with stuff I already know"

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The system has some parts I really appreciated, have taken my game to a new level for sure when I feel I like a girl enough to want to date and see a girl often.

These were how to look at your life, your lifestyle and how to set up dates so she sees you as a relationship guy. Also, the part where you transition to girlfriend and boyfriend. That was always tricky for me and the tips in this system really helped me by just giving me an easy rule or two to follow. I used to make a big deal out of that part and it's really so simple once you get those rules in mind.

The areas I didn't learn a lot from were meeting the girl for the first time and getting her into me. I had already learned that and was pretty good at getting girls into me. So I tended to skip through those parts more. I really loved the talk by Nick Sparks though, that stuff was money and went straight into my toolbox. Definitely improved my game there in general, not just for relationship girls.

So if you've seen much of the pickup artist scene and are already getting some girls, I think you may not learn anything new about attracting that one girl. This is more of a life strategy, date strategy, relationship strategy and tactics system the way I see it. Most guys will take away some good new ideas.
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