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The Girlfriend Activation System
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I've been in the pickup artist community for a long time, several years now and I've become a little jaded - finding a lot of things don't work the way I read them online and even in some of the products I've bought.

So I was pretty nervous about getting this course.. thinking it was something else that probably wouldn't work for me for whatever reason. Happy to say it all worked out well. As soon as I bought it I felt good about it, the members site is full of videos and comments from other users and you can see they've tried to get it right.

The way Christian tells you to approach getting a girlfriend is very different from how i've been trying to do it and I realized a lot of what I've been doing is the total opposite of what I should've been doing. More like I was trying things, not so well executed mind you, that are more for picking up girls for one night stands. After a month of playing around with this course, I'm feeling much better... have a girl sort of getting into a relationship with.. not quite there yet. But that's still wayyy better than how I was doing before.

One thing on this course is that it's definitely best if you are looking for a girlfriend type of relationship. All the information Christian Hudson gives you helps with that.

I don't think this is as good a product if you are looking to hookup with a lot of girls as he gives you a sort of flow that is better suited to getting girlfriends and quality girls. It would be overkill if you're not that interested in her.

Great work Christian. Respect.
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