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The Girlfriend Activation System
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I bought this program roughly 9 months ago after reading the other reviews on this very website. I got TSM's GFAS at the lowest point in my life so far, after going through a REALLY nasty breakup with (what at the time was) my most serious relationship. I was borderline suicidal, destroying all my relationships out of frustration from the breakup, neglecting my school work, and underperforming at my work. This program saved me from the hyper-destructive path I was on and laid a foundation for the man I am now and aiming to be in the future. I will review the program based on the 5 criteria for the star ratings above.

EFFECTIVENESS: The program does a good job of grabbing a hold of you, slapping you in the, and saying "man the fuck up!" and that is exactly what I needed. Christian is a great public speaker and the guest lecturers were, for the most part, engaging and insightful. A lot of the talking points are anecdotal and you need to think beyond the story and see "how can I apply this" or you will miss a lot of what makes GFAS effective.

I think the most effective part of the program is the last several videos where Christian talks about what to do once you are on the date. I still struggle with getting from stranger to the date, but once I am on a date with a girl I am truly a force to be reckoned with, and I credit most of that improvement to this program. If you do not seriously soak up the info in the first ~3/4 of the program though I don't think you will get as much out of the last 1/4 as I did.

EASE OF IMPLEMENTATION: I had to go through all the videos a few times while taking notes to really soak in and understand the principles. Some things were not helpful such as the guest speaker talking about approach anxiety having the solution to it "just get over it and go do it"...

INNOVATIVENESS: A lot of the information is not that innovative, but that is NOT a bad thing. This program is a great all-encompassing place to improve your dating skills and does not skip any steps. Most of what I got from the program made me go "well duh, that's obvious but I never really thought of it consciously" It makes you aware of many aspects and nuances of dating that most are not consciously thinking of.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: This is where I had the biggest problem despite giving it an 8/10. TSM charged me an extra 80 something dollars a month after I bought the program because my "free trial" to their weekly update thing expired (which I think is kind of sleazy business practice). I tried to use the weekly update thing in my first month but it takes time to get through all the videos and internalize the content so I don't think most get to really see what the benefits of the subscription are. I got my money back after waiting on hold for a surprisingly short amount of time, but I shouldn't have had to do that at all...

VALUE: If you are not aiming to bang as many chicks as you can or improve social skills outside of dating I think this is the best program you can get. Like the slogan of the program goes: if you just want a "loyal, loving girlfriend" this is the program for you.
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