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The Girlfriend Activation System
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"Showed me how to go from attracting women to keeping them"

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For nearly a year I've been doing Mystery method type of stuff and have been getting pretty good results with meeting girls. Problem though is I couldn't get most of the girls to see me for more than 1 or 2 dates.

I thought this product might be able to help me and I'm glad I checked it out. Turns out a lot of things I was doing to meet and attract girls aren't really the type of thing that I needed to be doing to make the girls want to see me long term. I used Christian's advice and I've now been seeing this one girl for a couple of months, and she even knows that I see other girls and she's cool with it. So big props to Christian for showing me how to get this type of relationship.

One thing I will say is that if you can't meet girls then you probably shouldn't buy this product yet. Christian is pretty smooth but he doesn't strike me as the guy who goes out to clubs and approaches lots of girls and gets numbers. I think what he teaches is great once you know how to do that and have worked on your confidence and game a bit.
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