Enlightened Dating for Men   

Enlightened Dating for Men
Dating Coach: Scott Bogart
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“Enlightened Dating for Men” aims to give men an understanding of why there are some men that seem to easily connect with woman, can maintain their integrity and authenticity, while creating extraordinary dating opportunities. This book is a guide towards approaching dating from the perspective of enlightenment and revealing concepts that actually work in the real world of dating.

Relationship Skills
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  • Kindle eBook
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Scott Bogart
Release Date:
September 15, 2010
Price: $5.66 - $15.99

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

What is Enlightened Dating?
- Dating as part of the relationship cycle
- Dating that is in alignment with your values
- Being authentic
- Dating with integrity
- Dating philosophy and ethics
- Setting your intention
- Sex and spirituality
- Energy and dating
- Statiscis (level 1) and attractor patterns (level 2)
- Dating Success Factors

Dating Success Factors: Overview
- The concept of 'SUE' (Safety, Understanding, and Excitement)
- THe nuances of the Law of Attraction
- Belief management
- Mindset
- Practice
- Confidence
- Being able to see the upside
- Honesty and trust
- Increasing your 'sticky factor'
- Timing and pace
- The 'attraction model'
- Generating 'non-visual attraction'
- You strenghts and weakness
- Being your best while being you
- The Doormat/Jerk Spectrum
- Prudent Vulnerability
- Statistics (level 1)
- Attractor patterns (level 2)
- Embracing rejection
- Going where the women are
- Props
- Presence (how you occupy space)
- You body language
- Eyes and smile
- Her body language
- Avoiding paralysis
- Communicating the possibility of romance
- Understanding her need for safety
- Understanding her need to be understood
- Naturally initiating verbal contact
- The art of conversation
- Obtaining her contact information
- Dating phone dynamics
- First date dynamics
- Second date dynamics
- Subsequent dates, sex, and expectations
- Self-control
- Lessons from The Tao of Steve

Knowing Yourself
- Your personal intrinsic assets
- Your ego
- Taking responsibility
- Being real
- You baggage
- Building confidence
- Understanding fear
- Stepping into the 'real story' of who you are
- Style and Grooming
- Getting fit
- Have a life!

Knowing Who & What You Are Looking For
- Knowing why you want to be with a woman
- Women have needs too
- Being careful 'how' you attract women
- Design and serendipity

Human Interaction: The Best Path to Dating Interaction
- Human interaction is crucial
- Human interaction vs. romantic interaction
- The 'Good Habits' with people in general
- Honoring everyone
- Become an elightened conversationalist
- You personal charisma

Interaction with Women of Interest
- The 'Good Habits' with women of interest
- Men are the pursuers ninety-five percent of the time
- Love all women
- The body language of women
- Using body language
- The interaction progression
- Initiating conversations with women of interest
- Her relationship status and what it means
- Boyfriend status and the benefits of open discussion of past relationship
- Magically jumpstarting trust and understanding
- In-depth discussion of her past relationships
- Spiritual magically elements
- Controlling your desire
- 'Friends'

Finding the Right Women to Date
- The sea is full
- Using your beliefs to create reality
- Trust, but with eyes wide open
- Substance vs. facade
- Women to avoid
- Venus

Successful Dating
- Creative dating
- Reading women
- Allowing vs. forcing
- How to know she's ready to kiss
- The right time to have sex
- Dynamics of sexual desire
- Dynamics of control
- Dealing with expectations
- Human nature
- Comply with yourself
- Walk-away power
- Understand her concept of how love is expressed
- More about honesty and trust: case studies
- Dealing with questions about other women

Moving Forward/Breaking It Off
- Recognizing 'the diamond'
- Respecting each other's desires
- Knowing when to get out
- How to get out


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- Kindle $5.66
- Paperback $15.99

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