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I did a course with TNL last year. It is one of the most expensive courses in the dating-coach world. The course is only about daygame.

On the positive side, you learn quite a lot of things, that are very specialised, and that you won't learn anywhere else. First of all, about 30% of the course is focused on meditation to get you 'out of your head'. This is definitely helpful if you are an analytical person, also in other areas in life. In addition, instead of technical explanations about conversation topics, logistics, and how to move on the seduction process, the focus is on the five principles of James Marshall, such as 'pressure and release'. Also, you will learn how to deal with awkward situations. For instance, there were some social freedom exercises to make you more comfortable with these type of situations.

What was pretty cool, were the classes with actresses to practice how to make emotional impact and how to touch women correctly while seducing her. This was interesting to experience, but not very applicable for a beginner who is still struggling to talk with girls in the first place....

When my course was finished I tried to apply everything that I have learned in my daily life. However, I find that quite difficult to do, since it is so much. I have been trying to do some day-game, but I still get stuck because I don't know what to say, and I don't know all the practical steps I should take. I understand the deeper level concepts of 'intent', 'emotional stimulation' and 'rapid escalation'; but when I am at a train station, street or a bar, I am still confused about what I should do when I see a hot girl.

In conclusion I think the course provides you a lot of knowledge and tools, the TNL coaches are very professional. However, the training has too many aspects to it to make it an effective course. The meditation part is very powerful for guys with confidence issues or a lot of approach anxiety. On the other hand, the 5 principles and the classes with the actresses are very useful as an advanced course for guys that are already used to day-game, but want to take it to the next level. However, for a beginner with 'normal approach anxiety', the course was a bit unpractical. It is frustrating that after investing so much time and money you are not getting any results. I think it would help a lot if the training is more tailored to the students individual level and needs.
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