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The Eurotour was an exceptional experience and one of the most intense times of my life. I chose The Natural Lifestyles because of James Marshall. He was the first pick-up artist who had a similar personality to me in many regards. Naturally introverted, highly independent, a lone wolf on his quest for truth. I was deeply impressed by his aura of purposefulness and wisdom. There are undoubtedly many other professional PUAs out there who are extremely good at what they do and successfully draw attractive women into their lives. But I always found many of these men had become somewhat delusional and weird living in their pick-up-bubble for too long. James was the first I truly looked up to in every area of life.

The composition of the coaching team was extremely good. Five different characters, each with their own area of expertise. Each very competent. I especially want to highlight the importance of having Jess in the team. Her outgoing personality and feminine energy make the trip much more fun and add some variety to what otherwise could easily feel like being part of a weird gang of dudes. And getting advice directly from a girl instead of just hearing men talk about these mysterious creatures called women makes the whole thing feel more applicable and actually real somehow. The same applies to the coaches’ local lovers who help out with role plays and join for dinner sometimes.

Our relationship to the coaches went beyond a mere coach-student relationship. They were highly emotionally invested, genuinely cared about us and are definitely generally open to developing friendships with their students. And I feel like just by spending so much time with them and observing them interact with each other I intuitively picked up on a lot of social skills - aside from the actual coaching they gave us. Which brings us to the next point: The quality of the technical advice was very good (what to say, body language, etc). However, this is not what sets TNL apart from other coaching companies. It is their profound knowledge about female psychology that is outstanding and unique within the seduction community. Learning about the female mind and understanding what women actually want in a man is an absolute game changer and makes much of the technical stuff even feel rather irrelevant in comparison. As emphasized in many of their videos, TNL’s focus lies on teaching the general principles of seduction rather than giving exact solutions to concrete situations.

On our last evening in Belgrade, when our coaches said goodbye and disappeared in the dark, I felt like a child whose parents had left it behind. I was standing there on the central square with my brothers. Our parents had taught us the necessary tools but we would now have to manage to survive on our own. The situation also reminded me of finishing high school. You stand there outside the building with your pals knowing that your paths will now split and everyone will have to find his own way. Remarkable that 10 days of Eurotour can have the same emotional impact as years of school together. To many of my fellow TNL students I felt a stronger emotional connection than to my classmates. Because we had faced so many fears together, had opened up, had shared our true feelings, had made ourselves vulnerable. They were my brothers.

As I am writing this review two weeks have passed since the end of the Eurotour and I am slowly starting to awake out of this trancelike state of mind it left me with. My life has changed to the better. I had sex with three amazing women since then, I have grown as a man and I look to the future with confidence. I highly recommend The Natural Lifestyles to every aspiring Casanova out there. Going on this trip was one of the best decision of my life.

Thank you James, John, Liam, Jess, Tony and you, my brothers, for this life-changing experience.

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