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The Euro Tour was one of the most transforming life and learning experiences I have had. I highly recommend it to anyone that has had issues connecting with women (emotionally and sexually), lacked inner confidence or who have struggled to exert control over the course of their own lives. The tour doubles as a great way to soak up the atmosphere (and incredibly hot women) of central Europe and make a bunch of instant close friends. In short it’s both revelatory and incredible fun.

I came to the tour as an Australian man in his 30s and recently divorced. I had little to no confidence about being able to meet and connect with women again, low personal self esteem, and a general lack of direction. At the conclusion of the tour I felt confident I could meet, date and sleep with interesting and beautiful women, and felt a greater sense of purpose and design over my own life. During the tour I racked up a great number of positive reference experiences with women, starting with interactions in the day time, through to dating women and meeting them in nightclubs. Where I was anxious about this area of my life before the tour, I am now highly positive and - if anything - impatient when I’m not in an environment of women where I can try my skills. The testing nature of the tour, in which you challenge yourself daily and confront your insecurities and failings, also delivered me multiple precious insights into my character and how I’ve been living my life.

The course wasn’t just about equipping us with formal techniques or pre-set routines. You will learn practical tools, certainly, but it is a whole body of work that is ordered and structured in a highly intelligent and well considered way, and results in a new of thinking about women, seduction and social interaction. The materials continuously build on each other. As students we often remarked to each other about the rapid progress we were making through the course. There is great variety in the content covered - from improved awareness through meditation, social freedom exercises, understanding the power of intent, conversation skills, the techniques of physical touch, men’s styling, and lifestyle design - but all is reinforcing of the overall objective of making you an improved man that can attract women into your life.

Like others in my group, I chose the tour due the presence of James Marshall. After watching his online videos, I had a high regard for his expertise and insight and was keen to experience this first-hand. Despite these high expectations, James managed to raise the bar on the tour. His coaching traverses a broad spectrum of goodness – practical, personal, applicable, inspirational, eye-opening, and unrelenting – and is always anchored in broader concepts and frameworks that he has obviously developed from years of experience, research and study. Above all, what stands out is James’ generosity. I had to double-check that I had paid upfront – this is not someone that behaves like he has your cash in his pocket. James talked and talked and talked until he had given us every piece of wisdom in his head. He repeatedly made time to talk through my own personal issues and difficulties. This is a man committed to ensuring students leave the tour with all the tools and the self-belief to transform their lives.

I had expected the other coaches to be apprentices, lesser versions of James that I would have to settle for while James was busy with other students. Certainly, James is the engine room. But each of the other coaches come from a different place and bring a unique perspective which, it turns out, is necessary for each student to develop fully while on the tour. Jess helped me understand the female perspective and find a sense of style, Tony Solo had a knack for coaxing me, in an unrelenting way, to walk into my inhibitions, Liam McRae combined expertise on the practicalities of touch escalation with an ability to patiently talk me through mental constraints I placed on myself, and John Keegan was an inspirational figure packed with rare insights into connecting and conversing. Above all, they are all genuine, interested and committed people.

Finally, it’s one thing to spend hours online consuming the giga-hours of dating and pick-up content that exists online, as I had. I now realise it’s entirely another thing to learn these things first-hand from the experts, apply them in the field immediately and get feedback in real-time, and to witness and share the experience with a group of men all going through the same thing as you so that, collectively, you learn more than you ever would if by yourself. This is a premium product but there are no doubts in my mind it was value for money.
Adam, 36, Sydney.
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