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The Natural Lifestyles Euro Tour 2011
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"An Exciting, Challenging And Enlightening Experience"

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Eurotour is the single best investment a man can make in himself.

It is essentially a primer on the possibilities of lifestyle. Lifestyle, as in not "the lifestyle" but possibilities, choice and freedom in your life. Living how you want. It touches on a wide variety of areas of seduction, shedding internal bullshit, body and awareness work, style, very heavy infield experience and most importantly, change. It is the most comprehensive workshop I have ever been to and can think of, in and outside of the community. This includes other self development, motivation, technology and career oriented workshops/seminars. My experience has shown me that many others focus solely on one item and act as if that is the key, while Eurotour gives you key after key and from that experience, it allows you to find your own.

Here's what you can expect:
3 days in Prague
Travel Day - Prague to Budapest
4 days in Budapest
Travel Day - Budapest to Belgrade
3 days in Belgrade

Rough Daily Schedule:
Morning are usually bodywork and meditation then debrief or a class.
Afternoon to late afternoon/early evening is dedicated to social freedom for the first few days, then day game.
Early evening is a large break. This is a great time to explore the city, apply what you learned that day or decompress.
Late evenings are night game. Although is not every single night, it is more than enough.

The Eurotour group is very small. 10 students and 5 core coaches. We also had a guest coach. This lends itself to high availability, detailed feedback and multiplied insight. During the tour, you will stay in apartments in the center of the cities, in a group of 2-4. Something to keep in mind is that the schedule is highly flexible depending on the needs of the group. Classes are sprinkled throughout, at various times, and are presented progressively, on essential topics as social fear, approaching, winging, night game, intent, conversation, presence, texting, dates, dancing, etc. You will also have the chance to get styled by Jess Daly, which I highly recommend as I have consistently gotten compliments and interest based solely on style while on tour and since I've been back. Getting styled is out of pocket, but well worth it, so prepare ahead and/or tell Jess your budget.

Here's the coaches we had and what I gleaned from them:
James Marshall - The man with presence. Lessons. Pressure.
Liam McRae - Relentless. Challenges social assumptions. Touch.
Jess Daly - Works style magic. Key feminine distinctions.
Shae Matthews - Meta-physician. Helps you find your reality under reality.
Tony Solo - Enthusiasm. Wingman. Insanely social.
Guest coach: Sasha Daygame - Challenges ego/excuses. Funny, no bullshit.

Our group was a diverse mixture of people from around the world, and of assorted careers and backgrounds. We comprised of 1 Taiwanese, 1 Brazilian, 1 Austrian, 3 Americans, 2 Kiwis, and 1 Dane. Our group had members ranging from mid twenties to fourties. One pivotal thing I learned on Eurotour was to disregard expectations. This includes towards my own group. You don't know who's going to show up, what they're like or what brought them there. All you know is that they are there, on the same path and this tour can help create some friendships that can help inspire you on the tour and off.

Eurotour is a huge experience, although it only lasts 10 days. And since I am only living my life, I can only speak from what happened to me.

Here are some notable experiences that happened to me while on tour:

In Prague, the first great thing was an "awareness" experience. In the mornings we do body work/meditation. And James helps work with everyone through a process that bring you into your physical sensations, the present moment and everything around you. It's a feeling of being inside and outside your body at the same time and extremely centering, calming and powerful. That same night I had a enlightening experience with a social butterfly. Also in Prague, you get your assumptions proven wrong. Meaning, if you walk up to an attractive girl what do you think will happen? Now, if I had that all figured out already and thought magic would happen, I wouldn't be there. But you get to see, really see, that if you go "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" for a long time, some women will stick around to see what you have to say, and you can light up their smile by saying something as simple as "I think you're beautiful." I also got a number after I stared at a girls boob's during the entire interaction. You're assumptions about what can/will happen get destroyed.

One thing that blew my mind was the realization that the vast majority of men don't approach women. Or they only do it drunk or through the safety of their social circle. On my last night in Prague, I saw these two young, insanely hot girls walking out of the club and heading down the street. I ran after them and approached. (Another thing you learn is to drop the "something has to happen for the this interaction to be valid/a success" mentality.) They told me they had a shitty night because nobody talked to them. I think this needs reiterating. They got dolled up, makeup, dress, hair, everything, looking super hot. And not a single guy talked to them. WTF?!

In Budapest, the best place we went to was Szimpla Kert. That's where most of my learning happened in Budapest. The first night there, I began to get stressed out by social pressure then Liam showed me the meditation walk. Basically, you walk very, very slowly around the club, letting go, clearing your head and taking in everything. Doing this, I started to notice the energy of the club, how people were acting/reacting and became aware of other's interest in me. This became a very powerful tool for me. By this time during the tour, I was getting numbers, winging regularly and beginning to have solid interactions. Now, it was the same night or another night where my bullshit/pressure was getting to me, and Shae was near by and could see this. We started talking and he encouraged me to explore my story. What I know, what I've done, what I'm passionate about, how I've helped others, what inspires me, etc. This helped me see me more as I truly am rather than how I felt in that moment. Using this more free, empowered and connected state, I transitioned to this voluptuous, goddess of a woman as she walked by. After stopping her and letting her know exactly how sexy I found her, we sat in silence for a moment until I led her to a quieter area. We only needed our instant attraction to each other to start kissing and making out.

Belgrade. Belgrade is as close to paradise as you can get and was full of spontaneous adventure for me. On the first night there, 2 fellow students noticed a girl's interest in me, I went over, had a fun interaction and got her number. The next few days passed all too soon. It's a great feeling having "quality problems" such as trying to manage dates and approaching, with a full sense of being natural, the most beautiful women you've ever seen. In Belgrade, I was also nicknamed "Makeout Master" for making out with a number of women I met within minutes. For the first time in my life, I brought a girl home (with some help from Liam) rather than it being the other way around. It's odd but it makes me proud. And although they left shortly after, it was still a massive success in my eyes. Another amazing experience I had in Belgrade was approaching this sexy, classy women and exploring a castle with her. We ducked around to a hidden area and made out. She even told me later that I made her feel like a queen. Stuff like that makes you feel incredible. Belgrade ended with meeting back up with a thin, 25 year old, tight bodied brunette I made out with a few days before (that I accidentally elbowed in the can "fuck up" and have stuff still go wildly good), heading to my apartment and giving each other an amazing sexual experience.

I can only speak for my experience at Eurotour but it also made me feel proud to see my friends and fellow students come into their own, getting over their and approach with passion/curiosity, dropping any act they thought they had to do and get amazing experiences of their own.

Eurotour was full of massive ups and downs and with that massive risks, opportunities and experiences. It was the place that I felt alive and truly creative in my life for the first time.

Here my overall key takeaways:
Natural expression

Was Eurotour expensive? Fuck yes.

Was it worth it? I have never invested so thoroughly in something in my life and nothing has given me so much back. During Eurotour you will change, if you choose to. After Eurotour, your life can change, if you want it to. It is something I can call to to inspire me, providing me with knowledge of what's out there and what is possible for me and my life. And is something I am actively integrating into my "normal" life as we speak.

I'll leave you with this quote from the movie The Adjustment Bureau which drives the whole thing home:
"Most people live life on the path we set for them, too afraid to explore any other. But once in a while people like you come along who knock down all the obstacles we put in your way. People who realize freewill is a gift that you'll never know how to use until you fight for it. I think that's the chairman's real plan. That maybe one day, we won't write the plan, you will."
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