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The Natural Lifestyles Euro Tour 2011
Dating Conferences & Seminars
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I cannot recommend the TNL Eurotour more even if they paid me.

I found it to be a high-intensity psychological reprogamming experience.

I learned a number of practical skills incl but definitely not limited to:
- preventing anxiety from ruinning my interactions
- a solid framework for conversation
- projecting intent
- verbal game for text & phone
- being able to do near anything in a social situation without being awkward
- practicing abundance in my interactions
- escalation techniques
- being direct and owning my desire

However, the greatest benefit came not from instruction on how to behave towards
beautiful women but rather from the help I received in discovering what I already had to offer.

I honestly expected that these "inner game" gurus were going to try to teach me
confidence with a series of presentations and a handbook.

What they did instead - through a carefully devised experiential programme - was to
unwrap the layers of bullshit (such as limiting beliefs, negative self-perception &
useless framing) and uncover a dude who deserves beautiful & interesting women and
who is comfortable going out to meet them and bring them into his life.

If you are looking to learn a few magic tricks and assumptive openers that you can use
to trick women into bed then this is not going to be for you.

If instead you are not exclusively concerned with going to Eastern Europe
to have sex with some of the most gorgeous girls on this planet, which will happen - or
at least it did for pretty much everyone on my tour ;-), but you are also interested in
- improving your masculinity in all areas of your life
- deflating your ego while super-charging your self-worth
- changing beyond what you thought was possible
- having some serious fun with a group of like-minded guys
then you definitely need to do this.
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