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The Natural Lifestyles Euro Tour 2011
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Today I'm going to talk about the Eurotour 2012 and how it changed my life. So just sit back and enjoy reading. And bare with my since English is not my native language.
Before the tour I was only able to meet girls only if friends introduced them too me, since I had a really huge Approach Anxiety based on my teenage years issues. I was a really fat motherfucker and though I have a athletic figure now I had these demons which didn't allow me to just go up to women and talk to them at all. Off course I was skeptical and thought to myself is it worth it to invest money and time in a seduction course. And is it going really to help me out ones and for all. But I said screw that I'm going to change this part of my life. After screening all the offers around the internet I realized that if I want to invest money and time I should come to the best. And believe me that The Naturals+ Sasha are the best.

The tour started in Prague and the first time I entered the room to meet the other guys I felt this warm energy all over the place. This guys are not just my fellow students and coaches but they are my brothers since we are about to share such great experience together. After relaxing on the first night and getting to know the guys for a little bit we started off with some meditation which helped us to get out of our heads to our bodies on the next day. And afterwards Sasha took us on his awesome social freedom exercises He literally destroyed my Approach Anxiety in about 4 hours. It was gone and I felt on top of the world. We just had a blast. You feel so much happier then you just stop carrying. At night the guys took us to hit the clubs and meeting some girls. I have to say on the entire trip you will never feel left behind the guys are always watching out for you and try to support you as much as you need. On the last day girls start to recognize me on the main square where we did Daygame so it was time to move on to Bratislava.
In Bratislava I had my first down side but also my first really upside of the trip. Though you can consider me as being a social guy I never have been really a club guy so projecting this vibe I got really bad responses from the people I talked too. But on the next day I just had a really amazing feeling .You have to start to love making mistakes. The only way you are going to become really good at this is by making mistakes. The coaches pointed out some mistakes and how I can overcome my limiting beliefs regarding the whole night game thing. And it worked quite well because on the next night out I met a really cute Kindergarten teacher. Funny part of this story have been that after making out with her and biting her neck she stopped and said ,, wait a minute what was your name again?" :). Also she said to me that she is usally don't do this because she is a good girl. But I just said it's ok it's saturday weekends didn't count. Also when I tried her to get back to my place she asked where are we going? And I just said to church and gave her my address. Thanks to my wing for saying he is a preacher. And also thank you Liam Rapid Escalation works.
Besides that the best thing about Bratislava and Prague have been that James brought some female models so we can work on our conversation skills, projecting intent and many things more that improved our game. By the end of everyday you are thinking to yourself that this day was awesome and the other day cannot be better. But yes it can!
After Bratislava we traveled to Budapest. Which I hit rock bottom again because I thought yeah I'm the king of the world I got laid so I know everything but in Budapest we hit Daygame really hard and at the beginning no girl stopped for me. But after getting on the mice with James and the other guys my game improved rapidly. You can see how each of them works and they are showing you a style which is congruent with your personality. In my case Sashas way of approaching girls suits the most for me. They pointed out my sticking points and improved so much that I was able to set up a date with this incredible Hungarian dancer after only talking 30 seconds to her. We catched up later at the bar but she brought her friend and I went on my first ,,Big Brother is watching you " date ever. Don't be cheap! I had no credit left on my phone so I didn't text her only Liam said to me later ;what you didn't text her but she is so hot. Ok I will tell her to meet you in 10 minutes. And she came with her friend. Still she is just a really amazing person and after 5 minutes we had this sexual tension and really deep connection going on. If it wasn't for her friend we definitely would end up sleeping together because she asked me after 5 minutes where I live and how far away it is? This reminds me about the good thing of the bus rides between the trips. Each guy, coaches and students shared his story and so did I and the coaches give you an inside how to handle this kind of situation next time.

Arriving in Belgrad or how I called it the heaven on earth. Imagine a place with so many hot women that you don't know who to approach first. I was so grateful that I felt on my knees on the main square and screamed thank you James and thank you Jesus ( Which is funny because I'm Jewish). It was the best place to end such an amazing journey. Now having the skills I went out for the first daygame session and got 6 numbers out of 6 approaches. I opened a girl who was like my friend said an 11 of a scale to 10 and got her number after 30 seconds. I just had a blast. From now on the tour was not only about getting good with women but also just enjoying life in general and be proud of who I'm. Me and a fellow student met this two incredible girls who took us with them and we had this awesome night of Gypsy music great food and some pretty crazy dance moves. Off course we still had some workshops to cover the last aspects to help us out with our new skills. But since Belgrad my goal switched completely and it is not anymore about picking up women but just letting go of the outcome and enjoy the moment. No scripts no routines just being myself and this works 1000 times better. After getting this mind set down when I did my first beach approach ever and number closed a professional Volleyball player Liam just said to me ,, Hey if we would film this everybody would think you are a coach". Not bad for someone who had bad AA a few days ago, :). Also I came up with some really funny approaches like "Banarama" and "I ran out of toilet paper" for Night game. And " The guy with glasses" and "The guy who repeats everything the other guy says" for Daygame. Hopefully Mr Johnny Cooper will put some videos of them online since he number closed a girl why I was repeating everything he said, :)

So to sum it up. If you want to get this part of the life handle ones and for all or you just sick of using routines and you think you have to put up a great show to women to like you , you better should get your arse on the Eurotour. I want to thank the coaches and my fellow students for this life changing trip. I would never be the person who I'm today without you guys. I love you in a none Pufta way.
Now I'm back in Germany and I want to kill myself because no hot women are around anymore. But the good news is that the few hot women are loving The Natural Game. Set up a date with a model and a dancer for next week. Also it is really funny to eye fuck a girl while her boyfriend is standing close to her and see how she is reacting. Thank you guys again for this awesome skills that no one elses teaches on this planet.
So stop reading books and dreaming about the life you want to have. Instead do something about it and sign up for the Eurotour. Life is so much easier when you see the light. Trust me on what.
If you have any questions about the Eurotour and you want to talk to a student about it. Go ahead and write me an email at: [email protected] and I will come back to you when I'm not out approaching hot girls, :).
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