Ep. #27 Special Q&A Session Answering Your Questions with Evolve and The Sneak

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    Question 1. (from Richard)
    "Love what you do and really respect your work. Where there's so much random information and 'guru's' it's great to have an independent, trustable source. Here's my question: I suspect as more guys like myself discover this, there will be more demand for techniques that work for older guys. I look like I'm 40 something and am having difficulty finding information relevant to the older guy." (1:00).

    The Answers

  • Are the standard techniques and principles taught to young men also relevant for older men? (1:30).
  • The age of some of the senior dating coaches and pick up artists and how it works for them today (3:00).
  • If you're older there are differences in lifestyle that you should go with. How to fit dating and pick up into your lifestyle as an older man with different tastes and habits.(3:30).

  • Question 2. (from Ellieson)
    "What does it mean when you are chatting with a girl online and she suddenly goes offline, but then returns online a few minutes latter. However, she never futhered the chat." (5:00).

    The Answers

  • If you just met the girl in question online and have no previous relationship or connection with her what to do (6:40).
  • Should you be talking to her online at all? What you need to do when you first meet her so that this situation doesn't come up (7:15).
  • The 80/20 rule of what you should be thinking about and focusing your attention on when talking to women (8:00).
  • The activities you need to practice and invest your time in instead of worrying about the details of online chat or texting conversations (9:30).
  • A step by step break down of how to approach, attract and set up dates with women from The Sneak (10:00).

  • Question 3. (from Stephen)
    "How do you break-up with a girl after dating her 6 -7 months?" (13:15).

    The Answers

  • How to start a relationship with the right 'relationship type' when you first meet her during the seduction (13:30).
  • Some tips when you got very close with a girl and you want to break up with her as smooth as possible (15:00).
  • The dangers of 'back and forth' relationships and what it means to you as a man (16:00).
  • Evolve's personal story about a break up and how they used 'space in the relationship' to bring it to a healthy and logical end (16:45).
  • The more experienced you are in dating skills the further you look ahead in what you are doing and you act differently - anecdotes from Evolve and Angel (17:30).
  • Problems with feeling guilty about ending the relationship and how to deal with them in a healthy and strong way (20:00).

  • Question 4. (from Cole)
    "My question is how do I understand women and know them better than myself" (21:15)

    The Answers

  • Demonstration of an exercise you can use to know how well you understand yourself(22:30).
  • How getting women to understand who you are is an important part of the seduction (27:00).
  • How to learn about how women work after you have first learned to understand yourself (28:00).
  • How much time you should spend studying vs. how much time you should spend gaining experience in the field (29:00).
  • Final Discussion

  • The top 3 things The Sneak and Evolve recommend guys do to get good with women as fast as possible (30:00).
  • Links to Coaches, Companies and Products Mentioned in the Podcast

  • David Deida
  • Zan Perrion
  • The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene
  • Stylelife Academy

Books, Courses and Training from Evolve & The Sneak

Full Text Transcript of the Interview

[Angel Donovan]: Hey there, this Angel Donovan with another episode of Dating Skills Podcast. Today we have Evolve and The Sneak, both instructors for Stylelife for around five years and recently started a blog where they do private coaching called the Gentlemen Society. Hey there, guys.

[The Sneak]: Hey, what’s up.

[Evolve]: How's it going?

[Angel Donovan]: Good to have you on the show. So what we thought we’d with the show is like we get a lot of questions from some of the users of Dating Skills Review on all sorts of topics and we’re going to start answering some of these on the podcasts from time to time. So today’s session, we’re going to spend some of it answering some of the questions that you’ve sent in. So let me just grab one of them and we’ll go for it. So this is a question from Richard, and Richard just discovered all of this, advice, everything, and thinks it’s really great. However, he's concerned that maybe some of the techniques for older guys, there isn’t a lot of information about that. So he's a 40-something and he's having difficulty finding information that's relevant to himself. What would you guys suggest that he works on or what kind of tips would you have for someone who’s a bit older, in their 40s?

[The Sneak]: Hey Richard. So what’s really important to look at when you’re looking at a technique is that it follows the principles, and if you look on gentlemensociety.com, our blog, everything we post up we make sure follows the principles. Otherwise, it should be timeless. If something is following the principles, it should work no matter what age you are.

[Evolve]: Well, I’m just going to use an example. The last bootcamp we did we had a guy who was in his 50s, actually, and when he got back from using some of the material, he mentioned to us that girls never even… his age never even came into question. I think it’s just something that people fear more than they should. So, in general, you don’t really need a special technique for it. Just follow the principles that are out there for the seduction material and the techniques will kind of come along with it.

[Angel Donovan]: Yeah, and the principles do stay the same. So basically what you guys are saying is like don’t be scared of just getting out there because what’s probably holding you back is your fear of using the techniques because you think they’re not relevant to the older guy rather than the fact that they aren’t relevant to the older guy.

[Evolve]: Sure, I mean I learned a lot of this from an older guy, and that's not… it was never particularly difficult for him. He never even mentioned anything about it.

[Angel Donovan]: Mm-hmm.

[Evolve]: So I just don’t think it’s a problem. I think that guys think it’s a problem but you just have to kind of keep practicing.

[Angel Donovan]: Right, right, because Style from Stylelife is in his 40s now and so is Mystery from Venusian Arts,right?

[Evolve]: Right, and they certainly do really well. I mean, I know for a fact Neil does.

[Angel Donovan]: Correct. Okay, well, one of the tips I could just throw in here, because I’m nearly in my 40s, is that I guess some guys, they don’t feel so comfortable in the bar or club environment when they’re a bit older. Maybe they’re just not as interested in being in a loud club anymore because they’ve done their time in it, so maybe focusing more on day game, learning more about day game and streets and cafés and restaurants and all of those situations is more relevant to you, Richard, because you don’t have to go to bars and clubs to meet women. There are actually a lot more opportunities outside of bars and clubs and a lot of it is the same kind of principles. What would you guys say about that?

[The Sneak]: I would say that I agree with you and that I can relate. I don’t really want to be in a loud club either. I mean, certainly I’ll do it for work now and then, but it’s not my preferred place to be hanging out. Lucky for me there's, like you said, tons of women outside of clubs as well.

[Angel Donovan]: Right. And also I guess you can think about your hobbies and your habits and can kind of work around them, right? So if you’re a bit older, obviously we change what we do with our lives, and you can look into meeting women in whatever you’re up to in your general life and just let it evolve as you get on with your life. There's no reason why it should be two separate, completely different things. You guys good with that or have you got other ideas?

[Evolve]: Yeah, let's move on to the next one.

[Angel Donovan]: Great. So this is a question from Simon. This is one of those kind of detailed questions that often you get from people who have just started learning about this stuff, so they’re really looking into details. So he's been talking to a girl online, he's been chatting to her, and she suddenly goes offline but then she returns online a few minutes later. However, she doesn’t further the chat. She doesn’t keep talking with him, and he's just really kind of confused about what that means.

[The Sneak]: Well, first of all, we don’t believe in talking to girls online very much at all during the process. Do you think the question is referring to actually online dating or someone he was talking to outside of that and also speaking to online?

[Evolve]: Yeah, because the difference would be whether he actually met her in person and then talked to him online or whether he's actually like meeting her through a dating site.

[Angel Donovan]: Right. Well, let's talk about the two scenarios because you can never tell.

[Evolve]: Sure.

[Angel Donovan]: So with the first scenario, if he's kind of met her online for the first time and this is what’s going on.

[The Sneak]: So if he's meeting her online for the first time and she doesn’t reinitiate the chat, it’s over. If he tried to say something to her and she didn’t get back to him, then move on to the next girl that you’re trying to meet.

[Evolve]: Yeah, there are like infinite people, so just go on to the next one. If you met her outside of that and then started talking to her online and she didn’t respond to you, then I would suggest, well, first of all, I just don’t think you have enough attraction because otherwise she would. So my suggestion is, the next time you go out, check your footwork, pay attention to everything that leads up to getting a phone number, and make sure you’re doing all of that right so that you don’t kind of run into that problem again. I think if you do the work outside of the online or the texting or the phone, right, then you need very little time… there's very little time that has to be spent talking to someone online or talking to them through text messaging or on the phone. You just meet up with them again after like a little short conversation about logistics.

[Angel Donovan]: Right, right. And the thing that's something important, you know, you’re bringing up there is like, well, first of all, just in case some people… attraction means that you’ve got her invested in you. I guess that's what you meant when you said attraction, that things are going well between you already before you actually talk with her online. So… go ahead.

[Evolve]: No, I’m just agreeing with you.

[Angel Donovan]: Okay, okay. So what you brought up there which is important is that basically the kind of chatting online, you could say it’s similar to texting on the phone, you know, it’s a very similar thing, is like it doesn’t matter too much what you say. It’s not going to have a big influence on whether it goes well or not. What does make a difference is the kind of vibe you had before you started texting, so when you met and everything, that's like the 80%, right? And then the 20% is texting and you can say things which aren’t so great and you still get away with it because the 80% was the part when you first met or when you got the number or the email, whatever it was.

[Evolve]: Right. I think too much time is spent worrying about what you’re going to say on the phone or worrying about what you’re going to say in the text message or what you’re going to say in the next message to her. If you had done all of the previous work right, you would then be able to just get the phone number, set up the date, and then move on. You wouldn’t need much between that.

[Angel Donovan]: So what would you suggest to this guy, because obviously he's kind of not calibrated or not calibrating to the situation? Have you got some pointers on things he should think about in order, so like next time he understands what went wrong or where he's at in the process with the girl?

[The Sneak]: Yes, here’s my advice. My advice is do more sets. So he needs more social experience, so get out there, make some more approaches, and really focus on keeping that initial approach really, really tight. So you want to get out there, you want to get your opener done, you want to be really, really interesting. With all of these community advices on being interesting out there, that shouldn’t be too tough. You’ve got your demonstration of higher value routines. If you poke around with our material, you’ll find the identity exercise, which is basically a way of telling infinite stories about yourself that tie back to your identity in a really interesting manner. You’ve got disqualification, pebbles and teases and that kind of thing.

Make sure you’ve got all of that in place and make sure that you do a good job qualifying her, otherwise valuing her for things other than her looks. And after that, use a solid seeding technique to get the close. Otherwise, seeding is a technique where you pretty much bring up an event and make it sound really, really, really exciting, and then after that you don’t invite her, change the topic, talk about something else, and then a few minutes later you remember and you invite her, and when you’re exchanging numbers at this point, it’s purely because you already have plans, so you don’t actually need to go back and try to work on it online with any kind of online game or text game or phone game. You’re already ready for the next interaction, which will happen in person.

And keep repeating that process over and over and over and over and over and over until it’s get tighter and tighter. Write lots of field reports and you’ll get better quick.

[Angel Donovan]: Well, that's great, very simple processes. So let's go over that again quickly. It’s basically like, first of all, be interesting to her. Make sure she gets interested in you and she’s looking at you, having fun and so on. And then qualify her. For those guys who don’t know what qualifying is, the second step is to basically show you’re interested in her for something other than her looks. So something she says, you say, “Oh yeah, that's cool that you are like that.” So basically you have to give her a reason, a logical reason, that you actually are interested in her because of what she’s done. And the third part you said was seeding, which is talking about something you could do to get her in the future sometime. It could be any type of date scenario or something interesting you’re doing. But then you said the next step is to not invite her to that, is that correct?

[The Sneak]: Right, so seeding would be you build the event up but you do not invite her.

[Angel Donovan]: Yup.

[The Sneak]: And then you actually change the topic, talk about something different for a few minutes, and then after that topic change you come back to the seed and you sort of close it down with the invitation. And the only other thing to remember is that when you do get the phone number, don’t leave right away.

[Angel Donovan]: Mm-hmm.

[The Sneak]: That would look like the phone number was the prize, which is a little bit of a weak move. As opposed to that, just stay and hang out and talk for at least three to five more minutes. That way it doesn’t look like the phone number was some kind of prize that you won.

[Angel Donovan]: Right, and when you do all of these things it will just look completely natural because this is how it works naturally. So that's very good and clear. Okay, should we move on to the next question?

[The Sneak]: Yeah, absolutely. Let's keep talking. This is fun.

[Angel Donovan]: Okay, cool. So this question is from Steven, and Steven wants to know, how do you break up with a girl after dating her for six to seven months?

[Evolve]: So it’s a complicated question at first. The idea is this. You should seduce her… and this is kind of a more advanced idea, but you should set up the ending of your relationship—I know this sounds kind of bizarre—set up the end of your relationship in the seduction. In other words, like the way that you kind of carry yourself, the way that you play the seduction, the routines you use, the kind of attitude you have, like whether you’re a bad boy or kind of being a romantic, is going to say something different to her at the beginning and it’s going to leave her with a different impression kind of after you’ve become intimate or whatever. So if I play the romantic, naturally she’s kind of going to be in this mode where it’s more relationship. If I’m kind of like a free-spirited bad boy, there's a good chance she’ll kind of go like, “I bet this is kind of a one-night-stand-type deal.” So I think like the quality of your seduction and understanding that like your image and the character that you kind of are playing is determining how she’s going to react to you in the end will help you with that. And Jay, you can talk about what to do if you kind of haven’t done that.

[The Sneak]: Right. So that's a fun advanced concept and Evolve and I will sit around the house all day talking about seduction. It’s Evolve’s passion. It’s his art. It’s what he absolutely loves to talk about. But let's go ahead and say you’re a guy who didn’t do that or maybe seduction isn’t your passion, you just got into the game to try to meet somebody, you dated them for a while and you found yourself in this situation. Here are some tips in that case.

One, know that it’s not going to be a pretty easy thing. You spent a lot of time connecting and getting very close with that person. If somebody’s trying to give you advice to say, “This is how you do it, one, two, three, and it’ll be totally simple and she won’t cry and there will be no pain involved,” they’re probably lying to you. But that's okay. That's part of this journey. That's part of falling in love or making those connections. With the good comes the bad, and that moment in time will be a difficult and painful time, but in the end when she reflects on the relationship and you reflect on it, hopefully it was something that was very positive and affected both of your lives in a great way, and that negative moment at the end there was really just a blip on the radar.

That said, here’s how to keep it from being more painful than it needs to be: Don’t do the back and forth thing. It’s a Band-Aid. Rip it off. Make it quick and easy. Don’t break up, get back together, break up, get back together. That will cause more pain in both of your lives than just being a man about it. You’ve decided that you were done. You’ve decided it was over. Communicate it clear and move forward from there.

[Evolve]: My own personal life, I was in a four-year relationship, and when we kind of knew we had to get out of it we both kind of sat down, said we couldn’t do it anymore, decided to say, “Let's not talk to each other for a month, kind of live our lives, and if we feel like this need to get back together, then we’ll do that.” And after about a month of not speaking to one another, we both knew that we needed to be apart, like it was our lives were better for it.

[Angel Donovan]: So you’ve given a lot of great advice here. Like starting from the beginning, what you said was basically you have to start the relationship on the terms that you think you’re going to want to basically live it and deal with it. Obviously, a lot of guys probably don’t think too far ahead when they’re getting into a relationship, when they first meet a girl…

[Evolve]: Sure. I think that… I was going to say, I think that's part of the skill of seduction, is how far ahead you can think.

[Angel Donovan]: Yeah.

[Evolve]: Right? Like when you first get into it it’s kind of step-by-step, like I say this, she says this. As you get better and better at it, you know that the few things you’re going to say at the beginning she’ll respond to in this particular way, so you can start kind of like getting more finesse in those steps because you don’t have to quite think about them as much, and you can kind of think further, more long-term with your seductions as you get better and better. So when you get good enough I think you can kind of figure out how to expect, like how to get the precise ending that you want.

[Angel Donovan]: Right. It’s about knowing what you want, right?

[Evolve]: Right.

[Angel Donovan]: Because when you get… I think this requires a bit of experience with women, so it’s probably not going to happen with the first few girls you meet. But after a while you’ll know what you want out with women and what type of relationships you’re ready for at the moment, so you can start… Basically, you just have to be strong and stand up to that standard, whatever you want, rather than kind of like some guys will chicken out of it because they think that they’re not going to really get a girl if they don’t just stand up for what they want, which maybe isn’t what she wants, right?

[Evolve]: Right, and expect to, you know, if you’re really going to study this stuff, know that along the way you’re going to break hearts and lose girls that you thought you might have really wanted to keep around.

[Angel Donovan]: Right. And the other point you made was giving space. I really think that's essential. Some of the problems people come across is that friends groups have kind of emerged if they’ve been together for a while, six, seven months, maybe a year. Maybe they’re all kind of hanging out with each other’s friends, so it can be a bit difficult not to be bumping into each other all the time or basically… But I think it really is important to get some space, like you said, like a month, and like get some kind of agreement between you that, however you’re going to do it, that you’re going to organize yourselves so that you get that space, you get that distance and kind of let the emotions play out before you can decide if you want to be friends or whatever else you want to do going forward.

And the other thing that The Sneak said which is definitely a huge no-no is to kind of break up and then accidentally have sex a couple of weeks later at a party and do this bouncing-around thing where neither of you kind of knows what the situation is. So it’s very important to be cut and dried and also kind of about it, because I think some of the other things that are wrong is like people start getting angry with each other, and it’s really because… Well, what I’ve seen with guys, for instance, is they feel guilty that they’re breaking up with someone, and so that seems to come out as anger towards her in the end and they’ll actually be pretty mean and do it in a bad way. So I think it takes a stronger guy basically to be nice and understand that situation. It’s like he wants to break up with her and he's going to do it in a strong, quick, dry way, but he still cares about her and he can still like tell her how he really feels about her.

[Evolve]: Yeah. I agree.

[Angel Donovan]: Okay. Anything to say on the topic, guys?

[The Sneak]: No, no. I think that was a great comprehensive answer.

[Angel Donovan]: Great, great. So here’s a question from Cole. Now, his question is pretty general here. It’s, “My question is, how do I understand women? I want to know them better than myself.”

[The Sneak]: Well, let's talk about that. So the core of our program is actually learning about yourself as much as possible, and if you want to understand women more than you understand yourself, it probably means that you need to spend a lot more time thinking about your own identity.

[Angel Donovan]: Okay, so yeah, it’s pretty straightforward and simple there. What I would add to that is that the whole process of meeting lots of women, and in fact people interacting with people, you learn a lot about yourself. So when it comes down to it, you can read a lot. Because I think what this guy’s probably talking about is like there are some books which you can read and then they give you ideas about how to understand women, how they act. And that's all good and it’s definitely very helpful, like David Deida's work comes to mind and some of Zan Perrion’s stuff, for example.

[Evolve]: Let me say something… Can I ask you a question?

[Angel Donovan]: Sure.

[Evolve]: It’s a really simple question. What’s your favorite movie?

[Angel Donovan]: My favorite movie?

[Evolve]: Yeah.

[Angel Donovan]: Right now I’d say I like The Dark Knight Rises.

[Evolve]: Great. Why do you like The Dark Knight Rises?

[Angel Donovan]: It’s just spectacular, man. The director, he wrote this story, and he wrote it and he planned it all ahead, so the whole trilogy. And he's like planned it 10 years ahead, had a bunch of good actors, and it’s got great music. It’s just like every part of it has like attention to detail and emotions throughout the film.

[Evolve]: Cool. So basically what you did was you just told me that the movie was good, but I want to know about you and why you like the movie. Like what does it mean to you when you watch it? In other words, like what does it make you feel? If it’s your favorite thing, there's something inside you that goes like, “Man, I really connect with this. This makes me feel this way.” You know, like when you hear your favorite music, like it makes you visualize things. It like brings you back to wherever it was that you heard that, whatever experiences you had.

[Angel Donovan]: Right. Mm-hmm.

[Evolve]: So it’s important to like know that. So why is The Dark Knight Rises your favorite movie outside of the technical stuff about the movie? Or what does the technical stuff make you feel about the movie?

[Angel Donovan]: It’s a moving story. I guess why it’s more moving for me is that it’s more real than a lot of the other movies, you know. He gets pretty bashed up, so you get to feel when he's down. A lot of films, they keep it kind of like funny and it doesn’t get very deep, but The Dark Knight Rises is a bit deeper. It gets pretty down and pretty real, so you get sort of a feel for the kind of emotions he's going through in his life, which is a pretty horrible life at the end of it, right?

[Evolve]: Well, can you relate to his character in some way?

[Angel Donovan]: The struggle. Yeah, the struggle. We all have our struggles in life, and I guess you look at his struggle and you look at your own struggles and you see that he's really strong, and so it’s kind of respect for someone who would have to go through all of that and gives you something to look up to and something to say, “Hey, I can struggle from my stuff and it’s nothing compared to this guy.”

[Evolve]: Great. So that would be, what you just said about the struggle and how you kind of got that out of it, that you got this kind of feeling of there's this struggle and you can relate to it, and that's kind of the answer I want. When I say that I want someone to kind of know themselves, it could be as simple as like knowing why your favorite movie’s your favorite movie, because if you tell me that, that tells me a lot about you.

[Angel Donovan]: Mm-hmm.

[Evolve]: Versus if you tell me about the movie, like the technical stuff, that tells me about the movie. And a lot of what seduction is is being able to convey an identity to someone in a very… very quickly, or I should say with the right timing. So one of the things you can do is answer those questions to yourself very… I should say, find those answers in yourself and make them connect to you emotionally or through your experiences. So like my favorite band is the Deftones, and when I was younger I heard them in high school, and every single time they had an album that came out it was like one of the best times of my life. So whenever I listen to a Deftones album, it reminds me of that awesome time in my life and I get those feelings and those visualizations, and that's why Deftones is my favorite band.

[Evolve]: So the point is that when someone hears something like that, it kind of brings them to you through that thing, through like that band or that movie or that food that you like or that place that you’ve always wanted to travel or that inspirational hero kind of you have, and it helps them kind of define you in their head, right? A lot of it’s about getting them to know who you are. And so just answering questions like that can lead you to understand more about yourself. Does that make sense?

[Angel Donovan]: Yup, that makes sense, man. That's good.

[Evolve]: Cool.

[Angel Donovan]: So by understanding yourself you’ll better understand women.

[Evolve]: Sure, and you’ll help them understand you as well.

[The Sneak]: There's an order to it, and the desire to want to understand women better than you understand yourself sounds like it has a good heart. Like I like where he was coming from in the question because understanding will be an incredible, powerful thing for him to have as a seducer, but the question puts things in a slightly incorrect order. You must know thyself first.

[Angel Donovan]: Yup, totally. I totally agree with you guys. That's a good point. Right, so once he understands himself, how does he work on understanding women better, or does that come naturally once you understand yourself? This is all very philosophical, but we’re asking the question here.

[The Sneak]: Well, certainly, go out and talk to a whole bunch of them.

[Evolve]: Right.

[The Sneak]: I went out four times a week, three nights a week… sorry, three hours each night that I went out at least four times a week and tried to stay in set once every 20 minutes on average. So that's the old community newbie drill. You do that for a month and see how it feels.

[Evolve]: I would say one of the things that you end up learning, it’s not really understanding the mind of women but it’s more of understanding like social patterns. Like you’ll see the same things happen over and over again, right? Like the reason a girl rejects you is kind of the same… it’s just because she’s been so repetitively hit on in the same way that she kind of creates her own barrier to this social pattern. And so in pickup and seduction, we learn a new way to open them that breaks that pattern. So you’ll start to see patterns which will help you understand not just women but kind of the social world and a little bit about social psychology. You’ll learn about all of that. It’s kind of a bonus, right? Rather than just women, you kind of get to learn about the social world.

[Angel Donovan]: Yeah. Yeah, totally. You know, I’m really with you guys on the experience thing. Like we were saying before, you can read a lot of stuff but until you basically had a lot of conversations and you’ve seen a lot of things, you see social dynamics around you and take notice… So I guess it’s, one, become a lot more observant, both for the girl in front of you but also the kind of context of the situation, and then it’s just like rack up the hours of, you know, you’re talking to women and you’re in these social environments, and you’ll just naturally start to understand. All connections will come into place.

[The Sneak]: Right. Here’s a great rule. Anybody who just listened to this podcast, don’t consume any more information through another podcast or an article. Go out. And then after that, check out another article.

[Angel Donovan]: Yeah, totally. I mean, it should be 20% study and 80% experience, going out there and getting more experience, because at the end of the day that's what’s going to get you in. And what we always say is that people tend to read two bits of information and they go around and apply one of them half-heartedly, right? What you really have to do is get one piece of information, go and apply it for a week or something, and then when you’ve really drilled it out, then you can go read something else. So it’s really take your time with this step by step.

So guys, that's it for the questions part now, and now what we always ask people when they come on the show is just, you know, for a guy who’s trying to get good at this, what are the top three things he should be doing, whatever you think they are? If you studied this from scratch, what are the top three things you would do to get good at this as quickly as possible?

[The Sneak]: Number one, get infield and actually apply yourself on a consistent basis.

[Angel Donovan]: Mm-hmm.

[The Sneak]: Number two, write field reports, or if you don’t want to be on a forum for whatever reason, take meticulous notes in a personal journey. And then, number three, taking whatever feedback comes whether you were on a forum and you got that feedback because someone else suggested it and you liked what they had to say, or even if you didn’t like what they had to say, you’re going to try it out just to find out if they were right, or if you were just taking personal notes, then your own personal reflection, you’ll gain feedback from that. So once you have that feedback, go back to step number one, which was go out and gain experience, and just put that, one, two, three, on a loop over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

[Evolve]: Can I just say something about field report and why we’re saying that's so important?

[Angel Donovan]: Of course.

[Evolve]: Sure. So field reports, they’re extremely important for a number of reasons. And you don’t have to write them on a form. You can write them in a personal journal. I do both. The ones I want to keep more private I keep in my journal, and the ones I want to post I post. But the reason that they’re important is because they help you develop like a social memory. What’ll happen is as long as you try and be really truthful and write down as much as you can possibly remember, you’ll start to see what you’re missing.

So at first, for me, I was writing down some of the routines I was using but I couldn’t remember much about my body language. So the next time I went out I started paying attention to my body language but I didn’t have any trouble remembering what routines I was using, so now I was writing about my routines and about my body language. And then as I got better and better, not only did I become a better writer because I was writing so much when I was trying to convey this information in a better way, but I also could remember almost every single thing I’d say over the course of an entire night. And it’s from literally going out every night and then writing field reports, either in a journal or on a form somewhere and doing that for, I don’t know, the past 10 years, it’s just an extremely helpful thing to do and it’ll help you get better a lot faster.

[Angel Donovan]: Great. I totally agree with writing. And as you say, it doesn’t have to be online. It can just be in a personal journal. So if you’re shy, a journal’s fine. If you want to put it in forms and get more feedback, that can be helpful too.

[Evolve]: Sure, and being able to write is also a very powerful seductive tool, right? There’s an entire chapter on it in The Art of Seduction.

[Angel Donovan]: Great, yeah. Well, guys, thank you for being on the podcast and helping our users with their questions. Have you got anything to say about what you’re up to right now? I know you’re working both with Stylelife and you’ve got your new thing, which is Gentlemen Society. Do you want to talk a bit about what you’re doing there?

[The Sneak]: Sure. So first of all, thank you for having us and thank you guys for checking it out and listening. We are having a bunch of fun running bootcamps once a month through Stylelife.com, so if you want to meet us in person and train with us, check that out. And Gentlemen Society is really a passion of ours right now. More than anything, it’s just a place for us to collect information and have it in a usable way and share it with other people who want to check it out. So if you’re looking for new routines or techniques or you just want to spend some time pondering the infinite, wonderful, vast, lovely universe of seductive knowledge, then check out gentlemensociety.com.

[Evolve]: The blog that I built was the blog I always wanted to have when I was learning this stuff. I tried to organize it really well into routines, seductive media, which is like books, movies, music that might help you, and seduction, which is just anything from specific people who are current seducers like guys like Russell Brand, Bill Clinton, how they’re doing, what they’re doing. And other things like just the principles in general, like what are the four principles of an opener? You know, like what is a time constraint? How does it work? Why do we use it? Things like that, so that people can use it as a resource.

[Angel Donovan]: Great. Sounds very useful. Well, it’s been great to have you guys, and a lot of fun, Evolve, Sneak, and I hope we get to talk sometime soon again.

[The Sneak]: Yeah, sure. Absolutely man, anytime. Give us a call. It’s been fun and we’ll talk to you soon.

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