Texting Girls - Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls

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Texting Girls - Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls

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This guide offers more than 160 text examples to use in various situations, including what to type the same night you meet a girl, the day after you met her, what to do to get her on a date, and what if she does not respond.

Created by Artisan, the program also includes audio courses:

1: Basic Principles and Texting Girls Mindset
2: Building Attraction and Comfort through Texting Girls
3: First Text Openers
4: Teasing Girls Texts
5: Getting Girls to Chase You, Asking Her Out and Sexual Escalation
6: Damage Control Texts and Bonuses

Bonuses include:

- 10 best responses to common questions girls text
- 10 ways to reinitiate communication for numbers that have gone cold
- Video: First Date Strategies - secrets of taking girls home on the 1st date
- 30 minute 1-on-1 session with Artisan to get personal dating and texting advice
- Calling a Girl 7 Day E-Course
- Monthly dating and texting strategies

Dating Skillset:
Approaching Women
Dating Company:
The Attractive Man
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eBook•Download (Audio)
Price: $9.77
Release Date:
September 01, 2010
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Phone and Text Game

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- How to avoid texting mistakes
- Texting girls to build sexual tension
- Go from texting to talking on the phone
- When and how often to text girls
- Using a text to set up a date
- Responding to negative texts
- Using texts to get girls to chase you
- The basic principles of texting girls
- What to avoid when texting
- When and how often to text girls
- What to text after first meeting a girl
- Texts to make girls laugh
- Texts to show you are a "real man"
- Using texts for a repeat date
- Responding to a girl's rude text
- What to text if a girl is trying to "test" you
- What to text a girl the same night that you meet
- Building lasting attraction through text girls
- How to handle and what to text non-responsive girls
- Making a first date without talking with a girl over the phone
- Using texts to make yourself stand out from other guys
- What to text a girl after she has flaked on you
- How to develop comfort and rapport through texting girls
- What to text girls that have not responded in months
- Creating attraction from less interested girls
- Creating funny and clever text messages
- What to text girls to prevent them from flaking on the date
- How to build and maintain attraction through texting
- What to text a girl to make her come over the same night you meet her
- Getting into the right mindset for texting girls
- Go from texting girls to an actual phone conversation
- How to answer various questions from girls such as "who's this?"
- Brining out a girl's sexual side without appearing needy or creepy
- How to send texts including bait and switch, roll reversal, push-pull, role play, flirty, and sexual

What You Get:

PDF, audio courses, and video

Guarantee / Terms:

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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"Amazing Product - Got a date after 5 texts!"

I was super skeptical but since it was only like $10 bucks I gave it a shot. I used exact texts from the guide and got a date literally after 5 text messages. I highly recommend!
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