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"Solid Guide For Beginners On Mastering Text Game"


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Jackson Hunter
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The Good: Easy to understand, practical advice that can be used to help you send more effective texts to women. Lots of examples provided. The principles shown here can be applied to how you interact with women face to face as well as on the phone.
The Bad: Some of the examples shown won’t work well on certain types of girls. You’ll need to adapt the ideas here to suit your own personality and style. A few of the areas aren’t covered in as much depth as they could be.
The Bottom Line: This is a good product for beginners who want to learn a more playful and attractive way to text women. It covers a wide range of scenarios that you’ll find yourself confronted with at some point. If you’re at the stage where you’re getting phone numbers but girls aren't returning your texts or you're not getting many dates, this is definitely worth a look.


Magnetic Messaging is a collaborative effort put out by Rob (Date Hotter Girls) and Bobby Rio. It’s essentially a beginners guide that covers all things texting and phone-related. With most women practically having a cell phone super-glued to their hand these days, texting has become a critically important aspect of dating.

This book aims to give you the tools and mindsets you’ll need to effectively communicate with women via text so that they will be excited to meet up with you. It covers various situations; including girls you haven’t had a date with yet, those you’ve been out with a couple of times and girls you’re already sleeping with or in a relationship with.

The focus of the book is on how your texts should accomplish one of three things: spark her emotions, create a connection, or handle logistics. How and when to do these are covered in great detail, and is largely determined by what stage in the relationship you are at with the girl, and how well she is responding to you.

A One Size Fits All Approach?
Having seen some in-field videos of Rob before in his Advanced Dating Strategies course, the texts that he shows here as examples sound exactly like how he talks to women in person. Which is how it should be, but you need to make sure that your texts sound like YOU, and not Rob or Bobby.

There is a short section on this in the book, basically saying that it’s important to have your own style and not be generic. It’s really an important point that needs to be emphasized, that the text messages you send need to be congruent with who you are. For example, a lot of the texts that Rob uses aren’t things that I would send myself. Not because they are bad or don’t work, just that they aren’t worded in the same way that I would speak to a woman. The principles are the same, but the specifics are different.

It’s also worth noting that you’ll have to tailor these texts also according to the type of girl you’re dealing with. Some of the examples shown here from Rob have a sort of exaggerated, romantic idealism quality to them. Combining humor and intelligence, it works well on the women of New York that Rob is meeting, but there are a lot of women I know who wouldn’t understand it. For example, most women I know have never heard of Voltaire, so I wouldn’t use that particular text that mentions him. The same way that an older guy probably wouldn’t send the text jokingly calling her a player and asking her how many guys she was macking it to that weekend. Know yourself and your audience and act accordingly!

Some things can vary depending on what city you are living in, so experiment and see what works best for you. One of the guidelines here is to text a girl in the morning and suggest meeting up later that evening or night. It’s recommended not to set up a date via text a day or two in advance. But this is something I and many other guys do all the time and it’s never a problem. In fact, I know girls who won’t agree to a date on the same day simply because they don’t want to seem too available, even if they have no plans. However, I don’t live in New York and this might be a better way to go about it there. So feel free to experiment and find what gives you the best results.

Beyond the Basics
The book goes on to cover more advanced topics, including sexting and getting her to send naked photos. There’s not a lot of depth in these areas, but given this book is mainly aimed at beginners it’s probably not the biggest concern for most readers.

There’s advice on what to do when a girl is being difficult or flat out ignoring you over text, and how to reinitiate a conversation with girls you haven’t spoken to in quite a while. All sorts of variables are covered here with what you should do to give you the best chance of seeing the girl again, which should be your only real goal for texting.

There is no such thing as a magical text message you can send that will make any girl love you, and the book clearly states this. Sometimes you can send a seemingly perfect text and still not get a response. It’s explained here that there could be any number of factors happening in a woman’s life that will cause her not to respond, things that are outside of your control. It’s important to focus on continuing to get new numbers so you can practice your texting skills and you’ll soon start to see your results improve.

There are a lot of bonuses included here with this book, not all directly related to text game. There’s a book containing the 99 best texts of all time, to be used in different situations. There’s a nice PowerPoint presentation by Bobby on how to make a girl infatuated with you that contains a lot of good information. Also, a short report from Bobby on the 12 best conversation topics.

Extra, unadvertised bonuses are also included which is a nice touch. Without going into too much detail, you’ll see some live presentations by Rob speaking on some interesting topics.

The Bottom Line
This is a good product for beginners who want to learn a more playful and attractive way to text women. It covers a wide range of scenarios that you’ll find yourself confronted with at some point. If you’re at the stage where you’re getting phone numbers but girls aren't returning your texts or you're not getting many dates, this is definitely worth a look.
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Product Information

This ebook from Date Hotter Girls' Rob Judge and TSB Magazine's Bobby Rio will help men discover ways on how to improve their phone game and how to use it to improve their dating success.

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Approaching Women•Attracting Women
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Bobby RioRob Judge

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Price: $47.00
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February 01, 2012
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Phone and Text Game

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Part 1: Introduction...The Principles of Phone Game
Welcome to Phone Game
- A Quick Word on the Terms & Phrases in this Book
Just like Pizza: The Three Ingredients of Attractive Phone Use
- Sparking Emotions: The Dough of Phone Use
- Making Connections: Adding Some Sauce
- Handling Logistics: The Cheese on Top
The Three Ingredients: Further Defined
- Sparking an Emotion: Stand Out with Language
- Making Connections: Be Specific
- Handling Logistics: Ask—and Ask Well
- When and How Much: Phases of a Textship

Part 2: First Phase...You Want to Date Her
Got Her Number...Now What?
- First Text: Stick to the Formula
- When to Text—and What to Expect
- First Text Blues: Troubleshooting the First Text
- “Who is this?” How to Respond
- “What Do You Look Like?” How to Proceed
Meeting Up With Her: The Key-lock Sequence
- Avoid Becoming Her New “Texting Buddy”
- The Key-Lock Sequence—Key-Turn-Push
If She’s Difficult: Getting Out Flaky and Unresponsive Girls
- What if She Doesn’t Respond
- Low Interest: How to Get Her Excited for a Date
- Some Interest: Getting More of a Connection
- Overcoming Time: How to Revive an Old Number
- Girls You’re Unable to Meet: The Holding Pattern
The Bad Behavior Files: When Good Girls Go Bad
- Shred-Her Negative Response
- Pop Culture Sniper Shot and Scattershot
- Overcoming Excuses: Changing Her Mind
When to Call: The Final Resort

Part 3: Second Phase...You are Sort of Dating Her
First Date and Beyond
- Arriving to the Date: Set Yourself Up for Success
Getting the Second Date: Keeping Her Interested and Invested
- The Days After: How to Keep It Sizzling
- Setting Up the Second Date
- Texting a Girl You Just Slept With
Bantering with Her: The Art of Bullshitting
- How to Compliment in an Attractive Way
- How to Create Anticipation
- How to be Funny
Calling to Connect: Using the Phone to have a Conversation

Part 4: Third Phase...You’re Dating Her
Creating a Relationship
- Calling Because You Care
Keeping It Fun: Maintain the Spark of Your Relationship
- Use Typos as Comedy Cues
- Have a “Style”
- Avoiding Patterns
Keeping It Sexual: How to Heat Things Up Over the Phone
- How to Begin Sexting
- Bringing Up Threesomes
- Getting Her to Send Naked Pictures
Keeping It Real: How to Bring Your Relationship to Life
- Genuine Compliments
- Finally, Don’t Forget to Keep Handling Logistics!

Part 5: Appendix...Common Questions & Mistakes
“But What About...”.
Phone Bloopers: Avoiding Common Mistakes of Phone Game

Part 6: Final Thoughts...Afterword from Rob

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This product is said to be launched in February 2012.

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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful

"Great Product for Covering Basics"

For where I'm at with text game, this book has been very helpful. I feel like a novice when knowing when or what to text girls. It's a HUGE sticking point that I'm trying to work on.

Positive: I previously had basic questions like when to text, how much to banter before moving into asking for the meetup, etc. This book was simple in answering my questions. I've read 3 products on texting (Including the Ultimate Phone and Text Guide) and this one is my top one so far. Ultimate Phone and Text was good, but maybe it was too advanced for me. For example, where Ultimate...would say something like: When you text her at this point, you should say XYZ and I was thinking, oh, I'm supposed to text her at that point? Magnetic Messaging however was easy and helpful. They would say, ok, here is when you text her and how many times and what to say and when to make certain moves, etc.

Negative: Even though this is the best product for my beginning texting level, I still felt like I had unanswered questions. For instance, one of the authors' rules' is, "don't allow X nuber of texts go before going for the meetup" and then later they say a different number. Also the example texts consistently break the rules they give about certain kinds of texts and numbers of times to text. This is fine, I'm flexible to know that you don't always have to follow the rules. However, I'm looking for real basic here. I need to walk before I can run. It would have been more helpful for me to have consistency in the book. The rules, plus the examples, plus the later lattitude on the rules, along with a seeming inability to apply the rules simultaneously gave me some confusion. It's even more confusing because the book says "stick to the formula." It's hard to do that when the formula seems inconsistent. As you can see, I need baby steps bc I've never done this before.

All in all, a great book, the best fit for me for text game.
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"Awesome material"

It works!!!
Met a girl and we exchanged some mails and I didn't get to her.
But I rather used a textual message from the book and the response was awesome and almost instantly.
Got to try more with it, but it's a great ebook with excellent advises.
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