Online Dating Domination

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Online Dating Domination

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The "Online dating Domination" from Scot McKay is a practical, step-by-step manual that provide ways to identify, attract and deserve the woman you've met using online dating as your tool. It is a combination of audio and video that brings men clear, focused and instantly relatable online dating strategies.

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Approaching Women
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X & Y Communications
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Scot McKay

Learning Format:
eBook•Download (Audio)•Online Access
Price: $97.00
Release Date:
January 01, 2007
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Online Dating

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- The simple and purely objective reason why it's actually easy for you as a man to dominate your metro area regardless of which dating site you are on.
- Five practical reasons why men believe they are failing at online dating.
- Three simple adjustments you can make to your search criteria
- What exactly to type in the subject line of first e-mails
- Ways to root out fake profiles that would make the CIA jealous.
- An ingenious strategy that is reserved specifically for when the highest quality woman doesn't respond to your first e-mail.
- How to find the elusive balance between being a gender-neutral "nice-guy" vs. a sex-focused desperado.
- Have a mental block when coming up with the perfect user name and/or profile headline?
- Proven strategies for shortening the timeline between first e-mail and the first date.
- A nearly foolproof system for weeding out poisonous women before you ever even waste your valuable time e-mailing them.
- Detailed steps for handling the "checkbox" section.
- A comprehensive plan for maximizing the effectiveness of your pictures.
- The most overlooked step that all guys must take before attempting to e-mail women.
- How to prepare your mindset for writing a great profile.
- The fatal stumbling block that almost all men trip over when writing their profiles.
- How to avoid a massive mistake that could spell total disaster before you even start online dating.

What You Get:

Online Dating Dominance

Bonus Items:
- The Book On Speed Dating
- Scot And Emily McKay's "Rapid Fire" Audio Program
- Monthly Membership: Power Sessions For Men

Guarantee / Terms:

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

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