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Lifestyle Seduction

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System to attract large groups of women and build a social circle of women. The idea is that this contributes to a lifestyle where meeting and attracting women happens naturally.

It includes material from AFC Adam (Adam Lyons) on his infamous "Entourage" game and material from Gambler (Richard La Ruina) on his lifestyle game.

Dating Skillset:
Attracting Women•Social Skills
Dating Company:
PUA Training
Experience Level(s):
Dating Coach/ Author:
Adam Lyons (AFC Adam)Gambler (Richard La Ruina)

Learning Format:
DVD (Video)
Price: $297.00
Release Date:
April 01, 2010

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

The Lifestyle Seduction 12 DVD Training Program: You'll learn how to trigger massive attraction in large groups of women without ever having to approach... How to use the women you get with the Lifestyle Seduction methods to get you even more women... and how to put your entire game on autopilot so that beautiful women are calling, texting, and clamoring to hang out with YOU. After you’ve been through the Lifestyle Seduction training program with myself and AFC Adam you'll be on an entirely different level. A level where the women come to you... everything just happens... and you live the life of a king.

Three Live 2-Day Workshops (Or the DVD’s If you Can't Make It)

Conversation Control: In this live training program, Gambler will reveal his entire arsenal of conversational techniques, tactics and methods for always staying in control of conversations, having the right thing to say, and ramping up sexual attraction AND deep rapport with your words alone. This program will be one for the ages

Day Game Domination: During this workshop, My top day-game instructors and I will turn over the secret blueprint they've been using for the past two years to pull girls during the day - right from the cafe, the street, or the shop. Caution: These methods are VERY powerful. They've been used to consistently cause make outs in broad daylight and quickies in the bathroom of public shops.

Instant Inner Game: In this live training program we will completely overhaul your current limiting belief system and rewire you for massive success. When you go through this training you can expect your anxieties to disappear, your state to massively improve, your confidence to rise and your fear of rejection disappear. I've teamed up with one of the most powerful (but little-known) inner-game masters in the world and have finally figured out how to do rapid inner-game transformations with our students.

What You Get:

12 DVDs
Three live 2 day workshops or DVDs if you can't make it

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"LifeStyle Seduction Review"

Hey guys, this is Mel-1 droppin in. I wanted to give my opinion on what i believe to be the best PUA product on the market. PUA Training's LifeStyle Seduction is everythiog will ever need in game. I hav spent 5 years in game, tirelessly searching for the perfect product. LifeStyle Seeduction comes close as I'm sure i will ever find.

I went from Mystery Method, to RSD style of game, to eventually what i believe to be the only style of game needed; Social Circle Game.

I've never reviewed a product before on any website. However, this product has done great things for me since I've begun implementing what I've learned.

This Product goes into the whole Social Circle Building process with great detail leaving no question unanswered and no stone unturned. I've bought many Social Circle products. The most notable being Social Circle Mastery by Love Systems. Which is a good product on it's own but there were still pieces missing.

With PUA Trainings LifeStyle Seduction, every single one of my questions we're answered. Plus it gave a clear, simple, and easy to impliment process to improve my life and lifestyle.

This is the best product in the whole PUA insdustry. For anyone who truely wants to improve their life, PUA Training's LifeStyle Seduction is a must buy.
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