Female Body Mastery

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Female Body Mastery

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Product Information

This DVD program helps men learn about the various ways to properly stimulate a woman's body.

Bonus videos include:
- How She Rubs Herself
- Sex Drive Science

Bonus reports include:
- Sexting To Get Her Dripping Wet
- Seductive Touching

30-day trial to Ultimate Sex God Club

Dating Skillset:
Sexual Skills
Dating Company:
2 Girls Teach Sex
Experience Level(s):
Dating Coach/ Author:
Lexi Belle

Learning Format:
Download (Video)
Price: $97.00
Release Date:
March 26, 2012

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Neuro-Orgasmic Connections
- Where to touch a woman when you're making out
- How to know when a woman likes to have her ear kissed
- A sensual place to kiss a woman above the waist
- The one place you need to kiss before you go down on a woman
- What to say to a woman when she is about to climax
- How to find out if a woman likes dirty talk without offending her
- 7 ways to create a connection during penetration sex

Supercharged Seduction
- Seduction sequences
- How to get the first kiss without being rejected
- The foreplay orgasm
- Special massage techniques
- An eye contact technique

Advanced Erogenous Zones
- A special spot on a woman's thigh
- 5 ways to drive a woman wild
- Where to massage a woman that relaxes the muscles that cause her to orgasm

The Science of Orgasmic Pleasure
- What makes a woman orgasm
- Different kinds of orgasms

Advanced Penetration Pleasure
- Different positions for longer, more intense orgasms
- Advanced stroke techniques for multiple orgasms
- Little tricks to spice up normal positions

What You Get:

5 DVDs

Guarantee / Terms:

100% Money Back Guarantee

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