The Dating Skillsets

Dating Advice on this site is categorized into the skills it targets.

This helps you to discover and research advice in the areas that you need to improve on. It is often helpful and more efficient to focus on developing one skill at a time as you develop your dating skills.

You can research products by skillset by going to the menu: Find Dating Advice By... >> Dating Skillset >> then choose the relevant skillset.

There are 8 skillsets to learn to maximize your success with women. The video provides an introduction to dating advice for men and these skillsets. By watching it you will find it a lot easier to understand what dating advice is available to you and give you an idea of where you should start first:

Check through the detailed explanations of the eight skillsets below for more information:

The eight skillsets are what help men to meet their dating aspirations. These include:

1). Meeting More Attractive Women

2). Attracting Women You Like, and

3). Improving the Quality of Relationships.

Four of the skillsets are focused on one of these 'aspirations', however, the skills such as 'image/ fashion', 'social skills', 'inner game & confidence' and 'psychological principles' are broadly applicable to several of these goals. They are skills that support the whole process of meeting, attracting and developing relationships with women. For example, a guy who has a good/ solid inner game, good social skills and a developed image/ fashion skillset will find it a lot easier to meet, attract and develop quality relationships with women.

The Dating Skillsets

Approaching Women

Approach and meeting a women in any situation. There are opportunities to meet attractive women every moment of the day, no matter the situation or place you find yourself in. However, for the majority of men these opportunities are never accessed because they aren't able to start a conversation with an attractive woman in most situations. The "approaching women" skillset includes techniques and mindsets that allow you to approach and start a conversation with a woman that you haven't met before no matter the situation and have the woman enjoy the conversatoin. This could be in a bar, cafe, restaurant, gym, work, business conference, street, bus stop, train station. You name the place, a dating guru has met an ex-girlfriend there. It is possible to meet a women anywhere given the right skillset.

Attracting Women

Attracting women so that they consider you for a lover, boyfriend or more. Once you have met a woman, and are on talking terms with her, the real art of dating mastery starts. Attraction. Attraction makes the difference between becoming just a friend and becoming her next boyfriend or lover. This is the most well researched area of dating and there are many approaches to ensuring that you come across as attractive to the woman, she becomes attracted to you and your relationship develops romantically/ sexually rather than platonically. The skillset includes many effective techniques, mindsets and rules to follow that have been proven to stop you from entering the dreaded 'friend zone'.

Sexual Skills

Techniques to improve your sex life and the sexual experience of women with you. Includes sexual techniques for stimulating women, and giving them a range of orgasms, as well as the principles behind more pleasurable, intimate or passionate love making. Some techniques are more broadly known, and some of come from the pick-up artist community through the many experiences of the artists and them trying new things out with their girlfriends/ lovers. Some of the content is extremely innovative, and goes against principles that are taught in popular media.

Relationship Skills

Creating and developing strong, positive and fulfilling relationships of various forms from exclusive to polygamous. Once you have attracted a women, there is still a lot of work to do. In today's age many relationships falter within a month, a few months or even if you get married, the divorce rate has been creeping up. This reflects a weakness in your relationships skills. Anyone who is interested in maintaining a relationship with a woman, whether it be an exclusive girlfriend, wife or lover cannot do so without the relationship skillset. It has been proven that all manner of relationships are maintainable indefinitely with the right knowledge and understanding of how relationships and women work. In addition, the quality of relationships is vastly improved through this knowledge, opening up a new range of experiences and possibilities in relationships in terms of depth of intimacy, sharing and openness. The skillset combines an understanding of how relationships work, what is important to sustain and grow them, develop them to play a positive role in both your lives, and how intimacy and closer connection develops over time. In addition, an interesting part of the skillset, are techniques to manage the more challenging situations that arise to threaten the health of a relationship.

Image/ Fashion

Principles, techniques and tips to improve your image and how you come across to people on first impression. Image has been identified as an element of the dating skillset that can make it a lot easier or a lot harder to meet, attract and develop relationships with women depending on your skillset. Since it is also something that is relatively easy to improve on, but for which there is a lot of misleading information, it is a good area for beginners to look at. Content tackles issues such as what principles and aspects of image make you attractive, to how important your body and health are, to structured information about how to develop your fashion sense and develop your own personal image that fits your aspirations with women.

Inner Game & Confidence

Principles, mindsets and techniques to improve your inner confidence and understanding of women. This has been found to be an extremely important part of the dating skillset, as without it, despite having knowledge of the best techniques, students tend to stagnate and not get the most out of their dating lives. It is also one of the most abstract aspects of game, with a great variety of products and techniques to choose from. Some of these are very contentious, with people suggesting that the only support they provide is the 'placebo' effect (i.e. self fulfilling prophecy). Others, have a large following and are respected among a large number of successful pick-up artists and daters.

Social Skills

Social skills are foundational skills that people use from day to day as they interact with people. These include a range of skills such as conversation skills, humor and storytelling. Without these skills, no matter what you learn about approaching and attracting women you will be limited in what you can do because they are an essential part of how we interact and relate to people.

At the higher end of this skillset, it includes the ability to build your own social circles. Social circles are groups of people that hang out together. This skillset is about developing your ability to build a social circle, that is a group of friends and contacts which includes both men and women. Having a healthy social life, with one or many good social circles which you take part in or lead is an important aspect of having a lifetyle where you can meet and attract women naturally, as a consequence of a good lifestyle. This skillset is primarily focused on the broader goal of improving your lifestyle with women and integrating it into the rest of your life effectively. Social circles are the cornerstone of our social lives, where a healthy and active social circle can bring a lot of value (in terms of interesting people, friendshps and activities/ experiences) and attractive women into your life. Currently there are relatively few products that focus on this area, however we expect this to change over the next few years. The content includes principles, techniques and mindsets needed to develop healthy social circles, have them add value to your/ and your social circles life and also integrate 'smoothly' into your dating/ pick-up lifestyle. One of the historically challenging issues within the pick-up artist community was that many pick up artists had little to no social circle activity, and it became a gap in their lives, or they were unable to merge their dating lifestyle with the rest of their life. These products started to be developed to resolve these issues, and help pick-up artists to lead more normal lifestyles, although they have since started to evolve to take the skillset to much higher levels and more ambitious goals. The more ambitious techniques and principles aim to recreate 'rock-star' lifestyles and enhance other aspects of your life such as career, friendships and general experience of life.

Psychological Principles

A lot of dating science has been discovered through areas such as evolutionary psychology, positive psychology and neuroscience. Many of the skills described above have derived their foundations from this base, however it is extremely helpful to understand the psychology of how women and men relate to each other. Whilst the other skillsets are focused on the 'doing' and 'action', this area helps you to understand the why of those actions - why they work and in so doing can help you to internalize the dating skillset better. You aren't just doing things that you are told are correct, you understand them completely, and they become part of your own belief system so that what you do becomes a real part of you.