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Oral Sex Magic

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Product Information

Oral Sex Magic is a DVD sex guide which teaches you how to give women the hottest sexual experienced.

This program will show you the secrets of full body orgasm and how to get you off in the ways that give you the best orgasms you have ever experienced.

Dating Skillset:
Sexual Skills
Dating Company:
2 Girls Teach Sex
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Experience Level(s):
Dating Coach/ Author:
Jazzy Berlin

Learning Format:
DVD (Video)
Price: $97.00
Release Date:
October 03, 2012

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

-The 7 oral sex secrets that all men never know.
-What you should do to make your girl excited before you go down on her.
-The 4 different kinds of oral orgasms and how to give your girl one after another.
-The 3 steps tongue flicking pattern that makes your girl having orgasms until you decide to stop.
-The secret place to use your hands during oral that will get her orgasms harder and faster.
-The 2 places to kiss before you go down on her that will make her soaking wet with anticipation.
-2 toys that make many women orgasm immediately.
-How long to go down on her.
-The special trick that gets your girl to love going down on you and want you in her mouth all the time.
-How to get her to do exactly what you want every time when she plays with your.
-How to get her excited about doing naughty new things and going down on you while you drive.
-How to get her feel like to give you oral sex every morning.
-Have a stronger orgasms when you and your girl doing variation of 69.
-How to go down to give her craves sex and drives her crazy after you are done.
-How to fingering techniques for a more intense foreplay orgasm.
-How to get her to finish you off in her mouth.

What You Get:

2 DVDs of Oral Sex Magic.

Bonus - 3 DVD copy of the Complete Superman Stamina

Guarantee / Terms:

90 day money back guarantee

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