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Total Transformation 180
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Coaching Program Information

“Total Transformation 180” is Aura Tranformation's one-year live personal coaching program offering instruction in tonality, conversation, fashion, decorum, and seduction psychology. It also teaches men how to develop their “inner game” and totally transform yourself to attract and date the women you desire, and become the man they are looking for.

This program is designed to help you transform your dating life for the better. It offers an understanding of what women in Asia want from a man, especially in Singapore. Though the lessons are universally applicable, the program itself is based in downtown Singapore. Most of the classes are conducted by creator and director David Tian, with occasional seminars led by guest experts.

Utilizing his knowledge, experience, and academic expertise, David Tian offers the ultimate education, via an intensive year long program, on how to attract and date the woman of your dreams in Singapore.

It is also intended to help you learn how to:

- Approach and attract a beautiful woman
- Rapidly create deep emotional connections with women
- Overcome social anxiety and feel complete social confidence
- Succeed in long-term relationships and find lasting fulfillment
- Escalate physically with a beautiful woman to advance to the next level
- Build a vibrant social circle and approach attractive women within your social circles

Key features include:

- Become a relationship magnet by improving your social skills
- Transform yourself into the man you’ve always wanted to be
- Instill true and permanent change with key personal adjustments
- Receive insights and personal discoveries from scholar David Tian
- Master systems that make approaching, conversing with, and arousing women easier

Bonuses include:

Rockstar Nights: Live infield coaching 10x a year in Singapore’s hottest clubs

Private 1:1 Coaching: Three in-person or phone/skype private coaching sessions with David Tian during membership

Life Long Online Training Program – Limitless: Program provides total control over your dating, relationships, and social life

Foundations Bootcamp Course: No-holds barred, behind-the-scenes video training program in female psychology and sexual attraction, as well a “boot camp” training for overcoming fear, approaching women, getting emails and phone numbers, setting up dates, and “getting physical” with women

Total Transformation Secret Forum: 24/7 access to private, members-only online forum and Facebook group

Special Members-Only VIP Gatherings: In luxurious settings throughout the year with David Tian and the Aura coaching team

Inner Game & Confidence
Experience Level(s):

Learning Format:
Coaching & Mentoring
- 1-on-1 Personal Coaching
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
David Tian (Asian Rake)
Release Date:
December 01, 2015
Price: $4,999.00 - $5,994.00

(depending on product format or options purchased)

Available in Following Cities:


If you have a question or problem, ask us:

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Partial program listing includes:

Mindsets and attitudes for achieving confidence, love, sex, and romance
- How to clean up aspects of your life and create a distinctive positive aura
- The parts of self-esteem and supercharging them to become irresistible to women
- Factors that prevented you from developing your natural instincts for attracting women
- Using the mind to quickly “fix” inner issues holding you back from success with women
- The link between your upbringing and the fears holding you back from attracting women
- Staying cool and calm to avoid sabotaging yourself when a hot woman is interested in you

What attraction is, and using it to make women feel it for you
- Bringing out your natural ability to attract women faster
- 20 traits that guys who are “masters” with women possess
- How to make the most of your communication, actions, gestures, and situations
- Attracting beautiful women with charisma and power, instead of techniques and lines
- Qualities women look for in a man and how to possess them when first meeting a woman
- How to keep the power in a relationship with a woman and guarantee that you are in charge
- How attractive women think, feel, and experience the world, and making them feel attraction for you

How to approach attractive women, and start conversations and relationships
- The real reasons we are afraid of approaching women
- Using your surroundings to create instant, spontaneous conversation starters
- How to motivate yourself into living life the best and most fulfilling way possible
- How to spontaneously come up with killer opening lines when approaching women
- How to comfortably approach women and see yourself as a master at meeting them
- How to create a powerful sense of fulfilment in yourself towards achieving your goals

Becoming a master at using humour to get women girls giggling and loving you
- Exercises to develop a killer sense of humour
- How “cool” guys talk that tells women they are fun and exciting
- Why the best way to avoid rejection is to be the one doing the rejecting
- A system you can use to let a woman know you’re a major “catch”, with laughter
- Using laughter to create a personal connection with a woman when you first meet
- How to have stimulating, funny conversations that ignite women’s attraction to chase you

How to create a deep connection with a woman and build a foundation for a great relationship
- The keys to making your personality interesting to women
- How to identify what you need to offer to attract a beautiful woman into your life
- What a woman needs to “sense” about your personality before getting physical
- Smoothly switching the conversation to the topic of sex and get a woman turned on
- A visualization exercise that trains you to “let go” and be more in the moment with women

Becoming a master in body language, vocal tonality, and eye contact
- How to adjust your eyes to give a woman a “shock” of sexual attraction
- A body language tip to avoid that guarantees a woman will see you as “just a friend”
- Using “sexy” voice tonality to make a woman get more turned on by what you say
- Three body language techniques that subconsciously cause a woman to lean on you
- A body language secret to communicate masculine power and sexual energy by walking

How to meet and attract women in bars and nightclubs, and in broad daylight
- A simple mind shift to make you more attractive to women in bars and clubs
- The nightclub through her eyes, and how to make a lasting impression with her
- Positioning yourself in a bar or nightclub so women come to you all night long
- How to get a woman to run up to you and scream your name every time she sees you
- The truth of the nightclub scene that ruins most guys before they start, and flipping it around to your advantage

Mastering how to project your sexuality that turns women on and draws them to you
- A technique that tells you exactly when to “go for it” with a woman
- A simple method for developing and projecting powerful sexual confidence
- A primal sexual technique that puts a woman over the edge with sexual excitement
- How to create an aura of intrigue and build powerful sexual tension through conversation
- Letting a woman know you are a sexual “bad boy” without being seen as a “player” or “jerk”
- Conveying to a woman that you can give her an incredible sexual experience without saying anything

Powerful strategies and tools available to start, build, and sustain a powerful long-term relationship with the woman
- How to handle a woman’s “emotional waves”
- Controlling your emotions when you are with a woman
- The mindset that prevents guys from experiencing massive success later on in their life
- How to respond and keep your composure when a woman goes through extreme emotions

Developing an amazing lifestyle that supports all your goals and attracts amazing women
- How to actualize yourself as a better human being
- The single most important social activity when meeting women
- How to use your insecurities to your advantage to attract women
- A powerful exercise to overcome anxiety and boost your social skills
- A surefire and inexpensive way to find out if she’s a person you want to know
- How to create a distinctive presence wherever you go that attracts women to you
- The secret to social networking that will increase your opportunities to meet women
- A system that helps you meet the most amount of women in the least amount of time
- A system for becoming a “modern-day renaissance man” that women describe as ideal
- Program your brain to steer you towards happiness and success in life and with women
- How to develop inner “confidence points” that you can “redeem” for success with women
- The 4 elements of a healthy and powerful masculine self image, and how to develop them

What You Get:

- 12+ hours of video training
- Special members-only VIP gatherings
- Ongoing Life Long Online Training Program[p
- Three in-person or phone/skype private coaching sessions
- Live infield coaching 10x a year in Singapore’s hottest clubs
- 24/7 access to a members-only online forum and Facebook group
- 180+ hours of live, in-person, intensive coaching sessions for a full year

Guarantee / Terms:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Payment options:
- 6 installments of $999
- Upfront payment of $4999

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