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The Girlfriend Training Program
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This program is designed to teach men how to “train” a girl to not lose her attraction and get drama-free sex. It teaches men how to train women in the same ways they are doing to men, sometimes without men even knowing it.

Carlos Xuma explains 4 of the toughest challenges men face with women and how to turn them into easy victories with his program:

1. Starting a relationship
2. Keeping her happy and attracted to you
3. Understanding a woman’s thoughts and dealing with different types of women
4. How to handle conflicts and arguments

Some of the areas that the program aims to address:

- Choosing your girlfriend
- Avoid being cheated on
- How to keep her satisfied in the bedroom
- Keeping your girlfriend attracted and into you
- Initiating a guiltless and painless breakup with your girlfriend
- Understanding the way women think and their emotional nature
- How to understand and deal with different types of women
- How to start a relationship with a woman the right way

Bonuses include:

- Guide to Understanding Women
- Choose Women Wisely by David Shade
- Explosive Sexual Attraction by David Van Arrick
- Forever Attraction by Adam Gilad
- Keep Your Woman Faithful by Mark Kinrys
- Keeping Her Attracted by Scot McKay
- Build A Better Girlfriend by Mark Cunningham
- Zero Dram Dating by Lance Mason
- Keeping Your Sex Life Hot by Alex Allman

Relationship Skills
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Learning Format:
  • Download (Audio)
  • Download (Video)
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
Carlos Xuma
Dating Dynamics
Release Date:
January 07, 2011
Price: $97.00


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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- A 3-step plan to ignite the fire again
- How to identify 10 relationship killers
- The reasons to want or not want a girlfriend
- 6 screening traits to look for in women you date
- 8 types of women that will draw you into misery
- How to stop falling for women you shouldn’t
- 4 ways to keep her from getting bored with you
- 7 important girlfriend skills that men must have
- Recognizing when your girlfriend is lying to you
- An important element of “compatibility” that you really need
- Understanding communication to keep your girlfriend happy
- An explanation of why we fall in love and become addicted to it
- 5 myths that keep men from succeeding with their girlfriends
- The damaging myths and mistakes in many self-help books
- 8 primary reasons women cheat and how to avoid this heartbreak
- One thing that guys misunderstand about how to start a relationship
- 11 progress-making milestones with your girlfriend to look out for
- How to transition a woman from casually dating into being your girlfriend
- 8 indicators to look out for in a woman that signal she should be avoided
- 5 essential compatibility elements that a man needs in his girlfriend
- Why men have more difficulty being in a relationship than women
- Why men are more commonly devastated when a woman breaks up with him
- 26 red flag tell-tale signals that a woman has the potential will flake on you
- The critical trait to ensure that you get an enjoyable woman in your life
- A 6-step screening process to efficiently filter out the good from the bad in a woman
- The truth about long-distance relationships and why a lot of them do not succeed
- A 3-step plan for how you can make a long distance relationship work for you
- Why women initiate over two thirds of all divorces and how to avoid it from happening to you
- Know and wake up from the deadliest romantic illusion that scares off a lot of girlfriends
- The three-step method to avoid 90% of relationship drama and conflict
- The alternatives to “punishing” a woman in order to get what you want without pain
- How to figure out which woman will meet your girlfriend criteria for a girlfriend
- Handling the “L Word” and an explanation of how to avoid big mistakes when love is involved
- The emotional control signal women look for before becoming your girlfriend
- 6 common problems you will face with women and how to handle them
- How to handle a woman’s bad behavior before it becomes a real problem
- An explanation of the 5 most common tests a woman gives and how to handle them
- 3 techniques for how to test your girlfriend to ensure you have a reliable and trustable woman
- 12 secrets for keeping your girlfriend attracted and downright addicted to you
- A 9-step technique for keeping a woman completely passionate about you
- The “joker card” technique for never being caught off-guard with a woman
- How to read a woman’s heart and mind before she pulls something crazy on you
- How to handle and manage your girlfriend’s family and friends so that they don’t drive you nuts
- 7 Rules of how to handle disagreement with women to avoid her anger
- What you need to know if considering moving to the “marriage” level
- Why women hold back on sex, and how to get your girlfriend begging for more
- A 5-minute exercise to show the reasons why you may have been struggling to find and keep a woman
- A 3-step process to get yourself out of a losing relationship with dignity and self-esteem
- 4 warning signs that your girlfriend is getting ready to end the relationship so you don’t get unexpectedly dumped
- 7 steps to change a nagging girlfriend into an agreeable and respectful woman that loves you unconditionally
- How to avoid one-woman obsession- Discover the principle most men never understand that leads to confusion and uncertainty about women

What You Get:

Downloadable ebook
Audio files

Guarantee / Terms:

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

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