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Coaching Program No Longer Running.

This program was renamed and is now run exclusively by Nick Sparks. See the new program here.

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Coaching Program Information

This was the original Sparks of Attraction bootcamp run by Nick Sparks in collaboration with The Social Man. In 2012, Nick Sparks began running his own Sparks of Attraction lifetime mentoring program (see the new program here).

The Social Man continues to collaborate with Nick Sparks to run their own coaching program named "Fearless".

This original coaching program was a three day bootcamp including seminars and evening in-field training.

  • Meeting Women
  • Attracting Women
Experience Level(s):

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
Learning Format:
Coaching & Mentoring
- Standard Bootcamp
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
Christian HudsonNick Sparks
The Social Man
Release Date:
January 01, 2008
Product No Longer Available.
Available in Following Cities:
New York (US) • San Francisco (US) • Singa


If you have a question or problem, ask us:

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- Non-verbals: confident vs. unconfident
- Creating a chase frame with misinterpretations and false assumptions
- How to use hoops to escalate conversations
- Rapid Escalation, and how to put yourself into a position to kiss a woman within 30 seconds of meeting her
- Working with you and your own stories “ your job, your travel, your life “ to show you how to use them in interactions with women.

Part I: Three workshop sessions structured as follows:
Day 1 - Opening, Basic Game, and Getting "Attraction"
Day 2 - Mid-Game, Fail-Proof Closing and Rapid Escalation
Day 3 - Inner Game, Storytelling, and Putting It All Together

Part II: Two evenings in-field with the instructors.

What You Get:

3 day course (3 workshops, and 2 in-field evening coaching sessions)

Guarantee / Terms:


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"It Was A Great Deal"

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Coaching/ Bootcamps Information

Instructor(s) for Coaching:
Nick Sparks
Date Program Took Place:
June 15, 2009
The format for the BC was Fri night/Saturday night and Sunday afternoon three hours each of seminar and Q and A, and Friday night and Saturday night infield for about 3-4 hours each night. Total cost was 1K, a bargain from my point of view. There was no day game.

There were two students including myself, another student who had taken the BC from them a year ago who was doing a follow up, and a lair president who was sitting in observing them. So there were a total of 4 of us besides the 2 instructors.

First thing, they got to know us, where we were in our game, what other courses/BCs we had taken, etc., and what we wanted out of the seminar. The seminar is not routine filled, although they do give you a couple of comfort routines, but the seminar is directed to more natural and direct game.

Friday night they covered
1. Inner game / emotional state
2. Eye contact
3. Getting eye contact in venue
4. Opening
5. Tonality
6. Body Language
7. Facial Animation
8. Kino

One of the capstones of Friday night was the video analysis, before we went out, of our approaches. We approached the instructors and did our openings, then we were shown videos of ourselves and critiqued. This was invaluable. I think I am going to get my own cheap video camera and practice.

Friday night infield I was with Nick Sparks and I opened about 7 sets. The venue was great, loud but not too loud, crowded but not too crowded. I hadn't done much night game lately due to the massive amount of people being laid off at work, and the fact that I have had to start doing a lot of they work they were doing.
I was a bit rusty, but I got some good feedback from Nick. I did have the opportunity to open a HB10, who could have been a playboy centerfold. That was awesome!!! I stayed in set with her for about 10 minutes. Seeing how I was using no routines at all, Nick afterwards critiqued my natural self for about 30 minutes after I finished my sets.

On Saturday we covered what would be called comfort in more detail.
They gave us some 'temperaute check questions,' to help us see where the girl is at.
These are some great routines. We also covered what they refer to as the conversational arc, or the level of intimacy of the conversation you are having with the girl. Lastly, we covered sexual tension. Then we went out again.

This time I went out with Hudson. I did about 7 sets, and he watched me in detail, and later on critiqued my facial expressions, facial animation, body language, eye contact, the way I paused in conversations, etc. This was really unique. There was a lot of micro calibration stuff which I hadn't been advised on before.

I also had the opportunity to watch him open a whole bunch of sets. Wow that was fun. He is great and he really comes across as loving women and having fun with them. It is very inspiring to watch. I could really see the girl being swept away by him, about three times that night. Wow.

Sunday was a wrap up where we went over some more material and reviewed what they saw in our sets.

All in all, this BC, for 1K was a great deal. Before you take this BC, if you are a newbie, I would read Mystery's book and Magic Bullets. After you sign up for the BC, they do send you some DVD's so you can learn some of their material beforehand so you are ready for the BC.
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