Social Fluency Program   

Social Fluency Program
Dating Company: Social Fluency Inc. | Dating Coaches: Devon AshFantasha KassamJordan GrayNadeem Kassam
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Coaching Program Information

This training program is designed to teach you how social fluency can play important role in your life.

Lifestyle & Social Skills
Experience Level(s):

Learning Format:
Coaching & Mentoring
- Specialized Coaching
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
Devon AshFantasha KassamJordan GrayNadeem Kassam
Release Date:
January 01, 2011
Product No Longer Available.
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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Body Language
- Why body language is important
- How to use your body language to put your co-workers at ease
- How to raise your status using body language
- The dangers of mirroring
- How too much 'active listening' can actually hurt you and how 'passive listening' highlights your intelligence

- How to network by starting conversations smoothly
- How to empathize and make a deep personal connection
- Counter-intuitive techniques
- How to lead your team by leading their attention
- How to establish credibility in a prospect’s mind
- The most common pitfalls of conversation and how to avoid them

- How to convey status and command respect
- A simple mindset which overcomes social reluctance and fear of business networking
- How to be assertive in your personal life
- How to manage conflict and differences in the workplace
- How to keep your cool and avoid conflict with difficult customer

- How to create comedic material out of thin air
- How to be funny without looking like a clown
- Simple ways to start conversations and break the ice using humor
- How to use humor to diffuse potentially tense situations
- The kind of humor that gets you respect from high status business owners and CEOs

Mental Pattern Shifting
- How various thinking errors increase your anxiety around the work place
- How to stop taking rejection personally
- How to bring good energy everyday
- A simple process for challenging your core beliefs and building confidence
- Creating an abundance mindset

What You Get:

Program options:
- 2 hours session for 10 or less Team Members requires 2 Trainers cost tier 1
- 4 hours session for 20 or less Team Members requires 3 Trainers cost tier 2
- 12 hours program for 20+ Team Members (group volume discounts apply)

Guarantee / Terms:


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