Real Inner Game   

Real Inner Game
Dating Company: Julian Foxx Dating Academy | Dating Coaches: Dr. Robert EpsteinJulian Foxx
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Coaching Program No Longer Running.

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Coaching Program Information

This workshop is designed to target eliminating beliefs and behavior that are holding you back as a man, and replace them with those that improve your success with women, as well as allowing you to lead a more pleasure filled and fulfilling life.

Inner Game & Confidence
Experience Level(s):

Learning Format:
Coaching & Mentoring
- Specialized Coaching
Expert/ Coach/ Author:
Dr. Robert EpsteinJulian Foxx
Release Date:
January 01, 2007
Product No Longer Available.
Available in Following Cities:
New York (US)


If you have a question or problem, ask us:

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- How to improve your self-esteem
- How to allow you to forgive yourself
- How to convey incredible confidence
- A system that rapidly increases self-esteem
- How to quickly eliminate your unattractive habits
- How to become the master over your emotions
- Managing confrontations with an upper hand
- A series of exercises to give you seduction power
- Preventing a woman from manipulating your emotions
- Transforming stress, anger, and anxiety into self-esteem
- How to reprogram yourself and begin leading the lifestyle
- 3 fatal mistakes most guys make when meeting a beautiful woman

What You Get:

3 Day workshop

Guarantee / Terms:

Full refund if not satisfied with product.

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"The Whole Thing was Really Well Organized"

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Instructor(s) for Coaching:
Julian Foxx
Date Program Took Place:
January 01, 2009
The Good
-The whole thing was really well organized -We didn't sit around and listen to a lecture, everything was participatory -The bonus stuff like the night game and fashion consult -Small groups -Getting to work w two different experts -Free food/drinks
The Bad
-More infield work -More demonstrations since Julian's good to learn from -More specific tactics and techniques -More in-depth fashion consult, possibly in a clothing store
Just wanted to say that the hype around the community about Julian is totally real, the guy has serious game... I definitely had my doubts since a lot of the internet buzz about guys turned out to be complete BS. It seems like this guy has almost every aspect of his game under control...

So I took this seminar two weekends ago in NYC. Its the first weekend long seminar I've done so far (Fri-Sun), so about 21+ hours of work total. Definitely recommend it because...

A. He runs the seminar with Dr. Robert Epstein, who handled a lot of the mental inner game stuff and took us through a lot of helpful exercises and techniques.

B. He has actual women there to approach, which I actually thought would be lame and wouldn't accurately portray real situations but not only was it realistic but there was a lot of excess pressure to do the approaches in front of everyone... which really payed off in the long run because now I feel like approaches are 10x's easier when the audience isn't there. Its also an opportunity to do a lot of approaches at once, so I got to try different things and I start to feel like I really don't care what happens after a while

C. He had a guy come in to do a fashion consultation on the last day.

He also ended up taking us out as a bonus that wasn't included in the seminar which was probably one of the coolest parts.
Originally posted on the Attraction Forums. Reproduced with permission.
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