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"Little to No Additional Value Above Free Public Seduction Community Forums"

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The Good
The library of articles contains some of the original knowledge developed and built up by the seduction community through online posting forums with pick-up artists such as Mystery, Style, Zan Perrion, and many others.
The Bad
The noise factor in the library is very high. Whilst there is some good information, there is also a lot of bad information. The same information is available for free with a little more searching on some of the public seduction forums and their archives.
The Bottom Line
This product adds no additional value beyond the existing free advice available in the main seduction and pick-up artist forums (and potentially less). Your time would be better spent perusing the better free forums than in perusing this paid product.


Because of the 'noise' ratio in this library, with a lot of average and less effective advice amongst the effective advice, overall it is not very effective. For the beginner, it will be challenging to know what is good or bad and helpful. For intermediate and advanced users there are much more efficient sources of advice.

Most of the articles are short and abbreviated, and written for advanced users of seduction community forums. As such they are on the whole relatively difficult to implement compared to products that are 'structured' to enable learning and application easily.

The majority of the content contained in the library is public domain, and undifferentiated from the free content on seduction community forums.

The site for membership is very basic in format, although relatively easy to use.

There is little to no value for money in this program. The information can be found for free on public seduction community forums such as

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