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"Great In-Field Videos Showing How Far Confidence And Humor Will Take You With Women"

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The Good
Fun and entertaining, the videos are very easy to watch and understand. Shows you a straightforward way to meet and attract women in a variety of situations. There’s nothing complicated you need to memorize before trying it out for yourself.
The Bad
Requires a fairly high level of confidence to be able to implement this sort of style. Not really any structure in place to teach you how to have the same success, you have to figure some stuff out on your own.
The Bottom Line
Simple Pickup produces some good quality in-field videos. Without a doubt they are the most entertaining in the dating industry and provide great examples of humor in action and how women respond to it. Great motivation for guys who want to be more direct and confident around women, whether during the day or at night.

Note, while this course is good, there are better courses. We recommend you check out a better rated infield video training course such as Daygame Blueprint or our infield video course rankings.


Simple Pickup have developed a cult following ever since they started posting videos of themselves picking up girls while taking on absurd challenges. They have gone out onto the streets and picked up countless girls while dressed as animated characters, Harry Potter, emos and even while in wheelchairs. The results are eye-opening and often hilarious.

While these videos are primarily focused on entertainment, their subscription service Project Go is designed to show you what they do when they are actually picking up women without the silly challenges.

Who Is Simple Pickup?
Jesse, Kong and Jason are the three guys who film themselves approaching women, usually in the Los Angeles area. They’re all in their 20s and most of the girls they talk to are in the college age bracket.

Their overall style could be best summed up as being very direct and confident, mixed with humor. All three are great at improvisation and come up with some really funny and clever things to say on the spot. They’re all quite average guys in terms of looks, and Kong and Jesse often joke about their ethnic backgrounds with girls, which boosts the attraction. This is really great to see for Asian guys who have any trouble attracting Caucasian girls.

Most of their interactions involve approaching a girl directly or doing something ballsy to get her attention. They’ve built up a really high tolerance to social pressure and will go for the girl no matter the situation or who is around watching them. There’s often a lot of sexual innuendo in their conversations and they make it very clear they are interested in the girl.

How Project GO Works
Project GO is a monthly subscription service, where you can log in to the site and have access to the content, which is updated weekly. The basic subscription is $10/month and includes the in-field videos along with commentary afterwards breaking down what happened. The advanced subscription is $20/month and includes the same videos as well as podcasts, Q&A video responses, live video chat and the chance to interact with the guys. You are free to cancel your subscription at any point if you decide it’s not for you.

Each week there is a new video of either Kong, Jesse or Jason, focusing on a particular area of the interaction. It might be demonstrating how to remain unreactive, how to pass tests, how to handle a group of girls, or how to kiss a girl very quickly. Occasionally the videos will feature a student from one of their bootcamps and highlight what he is doing wrong and what to do instead.

Are The Videos Any Good?
The videos aren’t particularly long, most going for between ten and twenty minutes. The audio and visual quality is of a very high standard. They’re great in that they show you a really natural way of approaching and interacting with women, and what you can get away with when done with enough confidence.

On the other hand, there’s not really any guide on what to do yourself. So for less experienced guys, they may find it harder to implement what they are seeing. It’s really a case here of you’re going to have to watch what the guys are doing, notice what’s working and take some mental notes, then go out and apply it yourself.

For this reason you will most likely be better off with a more 'instructional' product, where they provide better explanation and guidance, like Daygame Blueprint, or if you are not sure what to say to women yet, Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy to really understand and implement what you see in the Project Go infield videos.

Keep in mind: What Simple Pickup is really good at doing is thinking on their feet and coming up with something funny to say. Which is great to see it in action, but a bit harder for the average person to do themselves. It’s something that comes more easily as you gain more experience and confidence, so don’t expect to be as quick-witted as these guys if you are just starting out.

Not For Everyone
If you’re offended by swearing and overtly sexual talk, this program won’t be for you. This is aimed at a younger crowd who don’t mind the frat boy style of humor. If you’re also expecting to see older, more sophisticated women being approached and picked up, you’ll be disappointed.

The best thing to do is check out some of their free videos on YouTube to get an idea of what’s on offer here. Although Project GO is toned down in comparison, if you like their free clips you’ll probably enjoy this.

Personally, I love the videos they put out and find them both entertaining and informative. Even if you’re not comfortable being as direct as these guys are, you can still learn a lot from their attitude and willingness to always escalate things further.

The Bottom Line:
Simple Pickup produces some great quality in-field videos. Without a doubt they are the most entertaining in the dating industry and provide great examples of humor in action and how women respond to it. Great motivation for guys who want to be more direct and confident around women, whether during the day or at night.

However, since there is little actual instruction in the videos - if you have little experience a program with more instructional content like Daygame Blueprint or a solid conversation with women course like Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy will be more helpful to you.

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