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The Seduction Roadmap
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"Good product for who has no problem with approach."

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I think core course part was wonderful and useful information.If you can approach women.This product really prevent fall into friends zone.

This product is not for beginner.I am a beginner and I felt this is not for beginner.

Sinn's product is focus on sexual escalation and sexual frame control.If you have already taken boot camp from some company or you have confidence with approach this product is for you.

Master academy part is not worth for money.Sinn shows demonstration at the coach.This part no transcript etc.If it has transcript,you can modify some part and you can use his technique much easier.But this demonstration part was not really necessary to watch.It is really close to lecture.Core part was good quality though.His inner circle CDs has transcript and much cheaper.97 dollars monthly video is just demo and no transcript.

I think showing infield is much better like even failed part is good example.Mehow and Speer sells infield product.Speer even shows his student's infield.If you want to learn approach,I would recommend Speer and Mehow.

Sinn is young and he will produce better product.I am sure.If you pay 97 dollars it should be infield video and transcript is fair value.Mehow and Speer does this service for 50 to 67 dollars.You can learn from those infield a lot.Boot camp's infield training's demo part is close to this service.You have no review from pro-PUA but still seeing is one of the best learning form.Of course you should read or listen concept before watch those infield videos.For the self study I think this is the best style.
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