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Vin DiCarlo and Brian Burke are not geniuses, but they have definitely revolutionized dating advice. The original Pandora's box system is by far the most unique, and practical approach to dating I have ever seen, but there are enough drawbacks to turn people away.

-unique and advanced method of finding a partner

-extremely expensive, the initial pandora system costs only $65, but while it is intriguing, it doesn't offer much help in terms of application. The PhD in Female Sexual Psychology is required to fully put it all into practice, but at $25 a week, for 32 weeks, it is definitely NOT value for money.
-The PhD in Female Sexual Psychology is useful effective, but could be completed in no more than 8 weeks. Each week, you receive more videos on a certain woman of a particular "type". These videos are poorly constructed and are NOT worth $25 each. The only value in the "PhD" are the 8 step eBooks, that only come once every 4 weeks.
-This isn't overly important, but there are dozens of careless spelling errors that generally detract from the professional image it is clearly trying to convey.

Having said all that, the program is extremely useful. It really does give you a deeper understanding of the female mind, but it's nothing that can be learned overnight.

The overall cost is nearly $900USD. Perhaps this is why so many [avoid] paying for it...
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