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"Very effective technique"

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If you study the videos and put in the practice you will see the results, it definitely works.
The Bad
There are over a hundred videos and not enough new info to justify watching more than a half dozen.
Axel Braun has found himself a nice little niche in the porn market here, as I guess Squirting101 would qualify as infotainment. He produces good quality clips that are essentially porn but at the same time they will really help to improve your sexual skills.

The basic method involves stimulating a woman's g-spot in such a way as to make her squirt. This might not be revolutionary but the technique that Axel uses to make this happen is not one I have seen before and is fairly simple to use. For guys who have reasonable sexual experience they will pick it up quite quickly, for less experienced guys it might take a bit longer.

I would recommend that you sign up for a 30 day membership and download some of his earlier videos as these seem to be where he goes most indepth with his techniques. A side benefit is that in some of the videos you can see the way that he interacts and flirts with the girls. He has a very relaxed and natural way about him and it is obvious he knows a lot about women.

My own experience using his techniques have been very good. I find that now I can bring a woman to orgasm in an incredibly quick time consistently. Highly recommended.
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