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the blueprint does help your game tremendously. It is not a quick fix for something like learning a routine and performing it well is but it gives you the right pointers to become (not act like) a person who naturally has success with women.

I've done my routines back in the days and I still think it doesn't hurt to have a good set of attraction switch flipping stories ABOUT YOURSELF & CRAFTED BY YOURSELF, but performing the cube etc...naaahh not for me...I mean, I know the routine stack works cause I have used it in the past BUT I want to be myself, my best self for a very simple reason: If I am a routine performer and I fall in love with the girl I've been gaming, what then? All of the sudden there might be an unpleasant surprise when the stack runs out. This does not happen if I really improve to the best person I can be cause that is permanent and does not run out!

Now, honestly: routines are a quick fix and are easy to learn and implement, at least for me, so my game improved faster during the routines period. I dropped the routine stack at a point where I already had lots of success (with mostly canned A 1-3 game and mostly natural C and S game). After a quick adjustment dip, my game has continued to grow and improve and has already surpassed the routine skill level by quite a margin but it certainly took more work achieving it than it would have taken with routines. Was it still worth it? Hell yeah, cause nowadays a girl is fully attracted to me no matter if it is 15 minutes into the set or on day 48, it does not fade at all anymore.

To summarize my humble opinion on this topic, routines are great training wheels for newbies but because after some time the self will always shine through, they are not the most sustainable solution, cause they run out...

By the way, but you've guessed that by now, I think the blueprint is a great program!
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