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"It Really is Bizarre."

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I finished watching 19 hours of the blue print yesterday. it was either great or shit. It really is bizarre. It has a rediculously slow start.

The key concepts of the blueprint......

Be happy with your self

Be the source of your own fun

Do not give a [f***] about what anyone thinks of you

Know your core beliefs and values

Live in the moment

Don't analyse situations just go with it

Be outside your head not inside it listening to self dialogue

Give value

Have I missed anything?

Yes it took 19 hours to say that!

To me scripted game is training wheels. I also think it's very good to have a couple of routines you can pull out the bag when needed. But in essence scripted game reduces brian farts and 'what do I say next' when you become more confident and centered you can take off the training wheels and jst go with the vibe. I think the blue print is for people in the process of making that transition.

it's very analytical of the triggers of human emotion but at times I was feeling that I'd heard alot of this before but this was just a re packaged version of some already well known community concepts.

The mad thing is I actually feel like I want to watch this again to see if I missed something, have I understood and internalized the concepts, do I need to? After all it's said within the package if you're thinking about this stuff when you are in field then you are in your head and not in the moment.

It's all very very paradoxical.
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