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i started out with the natural approach. and i got some succes her and there, but no consistancy whatsoever. i didnt knew what i did right or wrong and so on. i was clueless and got lucky her and there, not good.

the whole blueprint basically says you should start at the end.

like every guy starting out in pua, go's through this whole progress. of slowly understanding girls, getting more and more success, learning things, getting over sticking points etc. and its a long and sometimes hard road to walk.
and in the end you are natural, everything is internalized.

it's much like EVERYTHING that needs to be learned. you learn it to a point of mastery, and suddenly it seems so easy you don't know what was you're problem before.

it's easy to say at the end of the progress ''wow its actually really simple, just be cool''. it is not, but you went through the entire process, and internalized all the pua concepts and then it suddenly SEEMS simple.


apart from outer game.
the inner game stuff was just really good. it is a good product.
though a lot of stuff is copied, he puts it together nicely and adds his own stuff in the mix.

its definitely worth watching if you want to improve your inner game, and get a fresh perspective at things.
it's not worth watching in relation to gaming itself. since it doesn't give you any practical information it just says you already have the gaming in you, just be yourself(which has a point, but that's just not how it works in real life).

i think the whole reason why this hype is started is because it sounds so good. people tend to WANT to believe things that are positive for them.
if some guy would say that he has got a magic line that always works, people will want to believe him, and look for signs to support their new believe.
both of which of course is bs.

overall i think its a good product.
just please think for yourself and don't drop everything because you think you are a natural after watching it.. .
i personally mix it up, use it both, in state go natural out of state go canned(and use some lines in state as well top pump it up more).
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