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The most important point I got from the whole thing, which I guess everyone knows anyway, but is sometimes overlooked is the #1 thing women look for in a guy is confidence.

The second point is that yes routines and "lines" are still good, but once you reach a really high level of game, once in field your words and actions should all be internalized. You don't want to be thinking about your "game" and lines while talking to women. It should all flow naturally and be spontaneous.
So how does one get to this level. By thousands of approaches using trial and error getting your calibration down to an art. By doing so many repetitions that routines and lines come out perfect at just the right times without even thinking about it.

Really there is so much more there that I won't delve into, but I was a huge fan of it. And before hand I was a previous RSD hater. So I say if anything give it a chance. I really enjoyed it.
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