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The Female Brain
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"A Thorough Investigation into the Behavior of Women Based on the Latest Scientific Research"

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The Good
A deep science based look into the female psyche and how it evolves over her lifetime. Provides innovative insights that will help you to understand on a detailed biological level why women behave as they do.
The Bad
It is a technical account of the female brain, which is not aimed at the dating advice market. As such it will be difficult for less than advanced experience level daters to incorporate and apply its insights to their dating lives.
The Bottom Line
For advanced experience level daters this book provides some insightful insights into how women behave and why that will deepen your understanding of women. This book will deepen your understanding of relationship skills principles.


A fascinating account of how a woman's brain and her behavior evolves throughout her lifetime in response to stages of her life, from childhood to past the menopause.

The content explains how hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and oxytocin affect the woman's neurobiology(psyche) and cause her to behave in different ways over her lifetime. Well structured by stage of the woman's life, this provides great insights into how relationships and sex with women may evolve over a lifetime.

Louanne Brizendine, has a very strong clinical background in neurobiology (the brain) and endocrinology (hormones) research, and specializes in the relationship dynamics that result from the neurobiology of male and female brains. The book is well supported by her own and others latest scientific research.

The technical nature of this book does not make it an easy read, although it is relatively simply laid out. This combined with the fact that it was not written to be dating advice orientated, will make this book difficult to apply in a useful way unless you are already of advanced level and are interested in improving your relationship skills.

This book has supported the development of my own relationship skills particularly with respect to women of different ages by providing a clearer understanding of how they differ sexually and behaviorally. However, I stress that the information in the book is only useful when integrated into an existing well-developed relationship skillset.

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