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I am so lucky to have read this book. I am a huge fan of the movement. So i had read The Mystery Method then Magic Bullets soon after i became a fanatic of Mystery's VH1 series. I am far from a master but far from a beginner. With that said, this book, blows anything i have read or seen out of the water. It digs deep down to make things click, and hits every area with intensity. It covers everything! Matadors "Zen of Cool" in addition to Lovedrops nuggets of knowledge about humor and persona are priceless. They take the game to a new level and tackle everything in a easy way to understand and read. This book is full of useufll insight more than usefull examples, however it does include usefull examples! This book, from my perspective, aimed to reach people on a different level, it aimed to teach you how to develop inner game. It aimed to show you that the game is not a formula for getting girls, rather a formula for getting the life you want. I am so inspired and gratefull, words cannot adequatly express my appreciation in words. So, THANK YOU!!!
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