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"Hands down - "Revelation" is a great book."

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Hands down - "Revelation" is a great book. I would recommend it to everyone who's searching for a complete guide to improve your game with women. Lovedrop did a great job putting all the stuff together. The book is easy to understand and full of examples. The ghost & the flame concept is great...Lovedrop's style is writing is straight to the point - that's by the way why I didn't like Matador's chapter "The way of being" that much - although there are some good points, I didn't like the brief explanations of concepts like "Good manners", "Good Listener" etc. - all suggestions like "you must be this, you must be that" without any examples... The "disinterest" chapter is great, with many examples, so is "sound bites" and "Women explained" by Hitori and the AMOG-chapter. Final note: 300 pages full of great advice. The book is more than worth the money. In contrast to other guides that focus on theory too much, "Revelation" has examples that you can use in field and that really work.
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