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I think what's written in Revelation is knowledge that all people should have and take the time to learn regarding social dynamics. I've listened to the CD's and watched the DVD's pretty thoroughly. For me, the biggest things I have taken and begun integrating into my sarges (and every day life) are the Yin Yang mindset of "being the Ghost" and "being the Flame". Since learning the principles discussed in Revelation I've witnessed how 'needy' my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have been in social situations in the past. SO...thanks to the book I am now learning how important it is to Add Value to interactions, use body language to make sure people do not feel threatened by my approach (common courtesy), and just basically being playful, fun, and interesting.

Overall, the product is essential reading. It's one thing to read and learn all about this stuff and it's another thing to actually go out regularly and practice it. So, I make a point to literally go out as much as I can...even if it's for one beer at the local pub.

Originally posted on the Venusian Arts Forums. Reproduced with permission.
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