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The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists
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"It was My Turning Point"

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I'll tell you something about that book. But first, a quick brief overview.
Unless you lived a life of a bAFC, you cannot even come close to appreciate something like this.
See, i was never Charismatic in my youth (the irony, lol) and well, needless to say i was an outcast of society. It wasn't till after joining the military did i break the bonds of the outside society and interact with human civilization. Finally, one my best friends introduced The Game to me (he could very well be considered a PUA - unofficially, he found the book online to help me) and he gave it to me and smiled, 'This will unleash your true potential...if you allow it to'
And from that point on, it has led me here, to the MM, to this forum, to soon, hopefully to Mystery himself where i can learn from the best.
I become what i am now, due to that book. it was my turning point. As in quality of material, i also give it a 'B'. But as an eye 'A+'
Originally posted on the Attraction Forums. Reproduced with permission.
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