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I was able to get my hands on some of this through someone I knew, and listened to a few of the cd's.

First off, this stuff ISNT for newbies. Read something like VAH or whatever else first, then get out there.

Second off, this stuff is VERY powerful if you understand it. Most of the inner-game stuff these days comes at you in a "you are the man... show it" type attitude. That type of inner-game mentality is great for evicting the old AFC concepts you have. But it won't take you to the next level. This is the type of stuff that really takes you to the next level IF you get good at it.

This shows you why you experience certain emotions, how to overcome bad states, how to always get in state, and how to become more at peace with your inner-self in order to rid yourself of any subtle signs of validation seeking.

When it comes down to things, this is pretty much 18+ hours of inner game. This ISN'T easy, but what TD says is some of the most enlightening stuff I've ever seen.

Here is the general summary of what I got out of this (keeping in mind, I haven't listend to close to all of this)

1. Our mental states are simply a protection shield made to prevent us from being beaten to death from approaching and being "naturally alpha" without backup or other protection against other alpha males. Thus explaining why we feel so much looser after opening a set and befriending others in a club/bar. Even better if you know bouncers/managers... etc.

2. Most people walk through life in a constant daze, simply reacting on their emotions without understanding them.

3. True happiness, and inner game can only be found when you accept the fact that women and other people can like you for who YOU are, not your routines, not your friends, money, good looks, etc...

4. RAS is a powerful tool, and being indifferent to what most others take quick notice of, shows instant high status. IE, if hot girl walks in room, 20 guys instantly look over, but you don't. Or if a fight breaks out, everyone clamors to see the fight, but you remain there.

5. You ARE good with women, it's not something you do.

6. Most of our presuppositions about women, and how we interact with people in general is simply societal programming.

7. State can be manufactured and instilled upon oneself once you realize that you don't care about others judgements about yourself (because you value your own opinion of yourself higher than others, and don't base it upon others judgement)

8. Don't rely on others to be your source of entertainment/value. If you need to open a set and get them attracted to get "in the zone" ie, in state, then you are already failing.

9. Eliminating bad mindsets is best done by accepting the fact that they're there, but not a part of who YOU are, but rather a simple chemical reaction made by your body.

10. When in an awesome "state" everything will blow open much easier, and the sooner and easier you can manufacture this without relying on external validation, the better.

Overall, while not a full review, this is some deep stuff. This isn't a quick guide on how to pick up girls in a bar, it's not a book with some quick techniques for baiting attraction and some good mindsets to have in. This is more about changing who YOU are by learning to not validate yourself from the outside world. I would venture to say if you're not patient, or even if you're not all that smart, this might fly over your head, but if you take the time to internalize a lot of this, it really is awesome. I'd give it a 10/10, but I haven't listend to all of it, so I can't say how the rest of it is...
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