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"I Think it's Worth every Penny"

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The Good
-It's one of the most "mature" products in the industry -It covers A LOT of ground -It mixes and cooks down A LOT of concepts(sperm wars, Dr.Paul, Greene, Tolle, Robbins etc.) -Great presentation by Tylor(it's worth it to buy the DVDs over the CDs) -Great Quality of the product(one of the best produced DVDs) -NEW stuff incorporated into PU(way beyond just Dr.Paul)
The Bad
-It's not a how to guide -It's not for routine-driven guys who just want to memorize stuff -It's not served ready to eat(which means you have to do a lot of thinking to digest the information given)
I think it's worth every penny. The shocking thing for me is that it really is absolutely different form Foundation, Transformation or Jeffy Show. A lot of other companies would have gone for a rehash of old material. But with Tyler you get the sense that he's constantly evolving and learning. So I kind of have the feeling that RSD is the PU company that is the most on the edge right now.
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