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"Basic but Quality Advice On Inner Game and Direct Approach"

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The Good
Simple, no non-sense programme. Good Inner Game section. Explains a lot about society programming, the “excuser” mindset, and how to give yourself permission to be a seducer. Many (often hilarious) examples and stories.
The Bad
Short and basic, as the title indicates (but that's not necessarily a bad thing).
The Bottom Line
Good for beginners to the Game. Although this audio product is relatively short and therefore limited in scope, the price tag is low so it’s still a nice deal since the content is good and it contains no fluff.


Shark was one of the first “gurus” in the community, and his trademark has always been to talk about “society’s rules” and how you need to free yourself of “social conditioning”. This CD, released a few years ago, talks a lot about this in the first half or so. Although it is not labeled as such, this part is therefore mostly inner game, but with direct implications on your actions and results.

Shark explains you have to give yourself permission to be a seducer, have total acceptance that you want to get laid and will get laid. You need to drop the excuses and not be an “excuser” – as most guys are (Shark loves to use the word “excuser”). You need to stop supplicating to women and become a man who is not shy to tell it like it is, say what he likes and go after what he wants without shame. You also need to work on yourself and not blame girls for your past failures (“It is not a girl’s fault if you have been a supplicator all your life”). This is all explained in great details, with many (often hilarious) examples and anecdotes to drive the points forward. This “mindset” part alone is definitely mindset-changing if you are just starting out in your pick up journey, and although many other gurus now teach the same thing, it is nicely condensed here.

The second part of the CD is more directly practical and mostly about cold approaches in clubs. Sharks gives many tips on how to approach, what to say and what not to say, etc. Again, good tips overall. Shark is all about the direct approach, so the techniques are very simple and straightforward.

This is a basic product from Attract and Date (as the title Basic Playboy indicates) and therefore the length of the audio programme is short, and the content not as detailed as in other products. However, the inner game part is excellent, the overall content is good, and the price tag reasonable. This is a great listen for beginners to the Game.

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