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High Status Humor
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"A HIGHLY Important Program, STATUS Is Key, and High Status Humor is a must have for women and LIFE!"

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Now Humor itself is key for attraction, social situations, in life and your core personalty. I'm recommending this program because it gives you the tools, techniques and structures you can use for shifting your Humor to be HIGH STATUS. I am familiar with Jason Capital's courses all about STATUS and the signals of High Status. If you have been developing your personal STATUS yourself, adding on the High Status Humor makes you far more fun, playful, light and energetic. You definitely don't want to be the over-serious, authoritarian, hyper-dominant HIGH STATUS type.

The pitfall to avoid is coming off with low status demonstrations of Humor, which is EXACTLY a major issue I have struggled with my own personality and core self. By working through this program, you learn about the characters - the archetypes - such as Unsolicited Bad Advice Guy / The Authority Figure / The Prize / Heartless Bastard. You can shift to different expressions to convey HIGH Status through your humor.

I realized my own use of Humor was more fitting low status characters / archetypes like a Jester / Clown / Fool. I was stuck in LOW STATUS HUMOR. By shifting to High Status Humor Characters and joking around as such, people see you and interpret you as HIGH STATUS . Research has shown the sexual attraction factor with HUMOR, and using systems of HIGH STATUS HUMOR is a powerful way to achieve this.

For example: FORMULA For Unsolicited Bad Advice Guy: take something relevant to the conversation, take them something about themselves, the worst piece of advice, rationalize it using crazy logic. These formulas are for sparking the character and generating the HIGH STATUS effect through the social dynamics and humor delivery.

High Status Characters have their own viewpoint, attention, intention, action, mindset and interpretation. And this is exactly what you need to assess for yourself, where your own STATUS dynamics are with humor.

Now Zach's personal style and delivery, I personally found him bland and dry. I actually didn't find him funny through the program. But I won't discount the value the course as it really explained what I needed to do, the tools, approaches, how to do them, techniques, delivery and mindsets. But you will have to take what you learn and be able to figure out the best STYLE, DELIVERY and PERFORMANCE of HIGH STATUS HUMOR for yourself / personality. In short, Zach gives you what you need and shows what to do for HIGH STATUS HUMOR, but i would not say he is the best example of the DEMONSTRATIONS and ACTUAL PERFORMANCE of HIGH STATUS HUMOR. You can compare this to when you have a great university lecturer teaching advanced social skills and the entire processes / methodologies - but don't feel he exemplifies or truly can demonstrate the level of the content himself. But I stilI thank Zach for all the information and all the explanations in the courses. It is truly much needed information.

High Status Humor, the overall program is extremely useful and beneficial, for all areas of your life (BUSINESS, FRIENDS, SOCIAL CIRCLES, WOMEN, SALES, PRESENTING etc.) It's applicable to many aspects of your own career and life skills.
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