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OK, obviously I am writing this from my own personal experience and so what works for me may not work for anyone else. My situation is rather unique - I was going through a messy divorce and resorted to this program somewhat as a "last resort" after my brother in law (yes, the brother of the woman I was divorcing) recommended it to me.

Long story short: I went through the irae model (too long to describe here, but that's the four step method that turns an indifferent woman into a devoted lover) and bam, it worked. Seriously, it did. Divorce called off and we're now back on track... well, NOT as good as, say, when we were dating but I am happy.

I'll rate this according to the Ratings on this site and comment:

Effectiveness: 10/10 - worked exactly as it says on the can.

Ease of implementation: 7/10 - not the easiest to use. but then again nothing will be easy when it comes to STOPPING BREAKUPS or we guys won't be so screwed, right? Right?

Innovativeness: 10/10 - strongest aspect of shogun method. Others talk about "seduction" or crap like that, but while mind control can sound tacky I'll honestly say that I am a convert. we are all skeptical but this thing works.

Customer Service: 10/10 - I tried other programs which were pretty much just ebooks and nothing else. I received free personalized coaching from Derek Rake himself which was pretty awesome.

Value for money: 10/10 - what's the worth of a saved marriage? I rest my case

$80 is nothing compared to what you'll get. Seriously, this is a no freaking brainer.
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