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"rsd transformation mastery"

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I noticed there are not many reviews for this important product out there when I was trying to find out what others thought after using it. I am not quite sure why that is because this product has gotten a lot of coverage.

Anyways,I am gonna go right into what I think, and what I have gotten out of it so far.

First off what I like about it is the simplicity of use. And I think that one of the factors why it is effective.

This program is built on works of Dr. David Hawkins who wrote "power vs force" and "letting go". It might be also based on other works as well, but that's all I personally know.

This program takes you through series of inner exploration. You are pretty much your own guru. I think this is another important part of this program that I like.

I have seen a couple reviews that people said such and such person's program is more complete and whatnot. I personally think this is a perfect size program. If it was much longer or comprehensive I probably wouldn't have time for it.

I am not fully done with it yet. However I feel I have gotten enough out of it, and it has been really helpful.

I recommend it.
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