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"Great product, for intermediate-advanced Guys"

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I bought Sexual Sparks some days ago, because I was looking for a product capable of making me refine my transition from rapport to sexual rapport to sex. I choose to bid my money in-to Sexual Sparks by Brian Burke for one reason : he was the guy of The Pandora's Box by Vin DiCarlo.

It was not an easy choice, because there was no real review about this product. All the information I had about it was on the landing page of Sexual Sparks. Three videos, of unknown duration, about some topic that more or less every other product on this topics make promises about... so it was really a blind jump of faith.

But it was worth.

So here I am making a review to close the gap of zero or so information about this gem.

First of all, IT IS NOT a beginner product. That is my opinion. I got a really solid game, lot of study and practice on gaming girls. Still there was this difficulty in me about getting sexual during the rapport phase. Yes, this product can help you in-to that, BUT no, it is not a step-by-step guide for novice about how to getting to this point of the interaction (The Sexual Spark time). So this is a product for intermediate-to-advanced guys. Guys that already can open and flow in the interaction with a girl.

The product is not that expensive (Around 37$ when I bought it), it is composed by 3 videos and one small PDF. The total video duration it is around 110minutes, but do not let this "small" duration misguide you. In those 110 minutes there is no chit-chat, every sentence is a solid information who need some meditation about.

And here it is the first thing that maybe could be a turn off for people : You need a laser-like attention to follow those videos. It is really like every sentence is gold. And the vision of the game by Brian Burke it is a lot different from every other company. So you need some brain power to follow every-thing he will tell you, and connect all of that with real life situation, and every other notion you have about the game.

The second turn off, it is the quality of the videos. It is really, really, really, low. Everything it is understandable, but the quality is really "homemade". Like a 360 video on youtube.

And that is more or less all about "the bad" of this product from my point of view.

About the good : The first Video is about YOUR inner game. Quite solid advice, different from any other company about how to frame lot of Pick Up concept. Gold.

The second Video is about "Female Psychology", and you know, he IS the guy of the Pandora Box. So even if he does not go in-depth like in this previous product, still there is a lot of food for thoughts and good refraiming about some behaviours from girls.

In the third video there are more practical advices about how to create the sexual sparks. The advices are nice, Brian Burke it's a lot direct in his game, so if you are the silent-dominant type of guy in your game, you will get the most from it. Solid refraiming of the "Connection" phase too in here.

The PDF is not amazing, simple, with some points from the first video. If it was here or not, not much difference.

To conclude this review of mine : It a good product to reframe your way to be in an interaction with girls, especially if you are the silent-dominant type, but with difficulty in-to express your dominant side in a smooth way. Things I didn't like a lot : The quality of the videos ; There are no bonuses of any sort ; Something like a good PDF with an in-depth analysis of an interaction with a girl following the advice he gives in those video... there is nothing like that, and this simple thing could have raised the package value A LOT.


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