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The resonator program is good. It is good if you feel that your voice is weak, or that you have no control over your vocal apparatus. I've tried a lot of ways to get professional help for my voice with videos/books, and this program is excellent.

Essentially, it is an in-depth alexander technique guide. THATS WHAT IT IS. The majority of the actual vocal portion is covered by a woman explaining the fundamentals of using your voice. She is an adept of the Alexander method. (The explanations she gives and the step-by-step pyramid method is great). YOU WILL CONTROL your voice after this. The alexander technique is exceptional. It makes you wonder why the fuck every vocal instructor isn't teaching it. Honestly, the other video content (grammar of storytelling, power of misdirection, etc isn't really all that intriguing). However, this RSD prodigy knows that voice is powerful, and a NECESSARY component to communication. This should be your core voice lesson, with other singing/vocal/communication books/videos being the secondary source of knowledge.
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