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The 4 Elements of Game
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"Your Attraction Bible"

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Date Hotter Girls ... Sounds kinda cheesy, doesn't it?

I thought that when I came across this book a few years ago, little did I know that I was mistaken.
While the name of the company is not the best, the authors definitely are.

This book is a masterpiece not because you'll find pickup theory, nor because it offers the holy grail of attracting every girl in town. This book is a masterpiece because it simply works, in fact I'd go so far as to say the authors discovered the mechanism of female attraction.

The basic premise is that "Game" is nothing but a balance of 4 elements of personality that all men have, and once they balance or express the lacking element correctly, they will generate attraction.

The beauty of the program is that you already have everything you need , and (pardon my French) I'm not bullshiting you, if you truly understand and apply these concepts, attracting girls becomes rather simple and incredibly fun.

I said that this is your attraction bible, and I don't regret it because It has been mine for a few years. In fact, I've noticed that every time I start to lose my "touch" is when I ignore the framework. I just re-re-read the book and I felt compelled to go back and write a review for it.

I'd highly encourage you to get a copy and see for yourself, this could be your magic bullet like it was for me.
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